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Step Right Up at the Darkmoon Faire

Step Right Up at the Darkmoon Faire

Silas Darkmoon and the Darkmoon Faire will be creating chaos again on May 1. Tap the Darkmoon Faire icon in the center of the map to complete challenges, earn prize tickets for you and your guild, and then exchange tickets for marvelous rewards of your choice.


Ahead of You, Down the Path
A Majestic, Magical Faire!
Ignore the Darkened, Eerie Woods
Ignore the Eyes That Blink and Stare
Fun & Games & Wondrous Sights!
Music & Fireworks to Light Up the Night!
Do Not Stop! You're Nearly There!
Behold, My Friend: THE DARKMOON FAIRE!


Eerie and mysterious things have been happening to quests since the arrival of Silas and his captivating collection of curiosities. The Darkmoon Faire event will be available to players that are at or above 40 Sigils.

Complete challenges to earn tickets, and every ticket earned will also be shared with your guildmates. Challenges can be completed by doing quests, PvP, Arclight Surge and dungeons.

Any tickets earned for a guild are locked to that guild and will not be removed if a player leaves or transfers to a new guild. At the end of the weeklong event, unspent tickets will not carry over and will be converted to Arclight Energy. Be sure to use your tickets before Darkmoon Faire ends!

As with anything at the Darkmoon Faire, you must pick your path carefully! Connected rewards must be unlocked before the next row will become available. You can purchase multiple items in each row as long as any connected rewards from previous rows are unlocked.

This Time Something is Different...

Silas is changing things up this time; instead of Chaos Chests, there will be a quest modifier that changes every 24 hours. There have been whispers in the shadows that some of these modifiers could include Leader tag teams, huge beasts, and even some mystical spirit magic.


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