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Collect all the đź’ŽSHINIESđź’Ž in Blingtron's Bounties

Collect all the đź’ŽSHINIESđź’Ž in Blingtron's Bounties

The dashing, daring, and dazzling Blingtron -- he insisted on that introduction -- will frequently bless us with his presence in Warcraft Rumble; his first appearance will be on April 24.


Gettin' Blingy with It

Blingtron’s Bounties will be available to players that are at or above 40 Sigils. Tap the island in the middle of the map to complete Blingtron’s Bounties and earn Shinies that can be exchanged for rewards of your choice.


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Connected rewards must be claimed before the next row is unlocked. At the end of the weeklong event, unspent Shinies will not carry over and will be converted to Arclight Energy.

While Blingtron's Bounties is similar in some ways to Darkmoon Faire, one significant difference is that Shinies earned are not shared with guildmates. This event is meant to be a solo event that players can play at their own pace for fun rewards.

According to Blingtron's calibrations, these rewards will invoke feelings of enjoyment. Prepare party servos for immediate deployment!


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