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Beta Update 0.9.5 has Arrived!

Beta Update 0.9.5 has Arrived!

Beta Update 0.9.5 is here with more Talents, more Zones, and, most importantly, MORE CHAOS! There’s a little something for everyone in our latest beta update.

PvE Updates

Go toe-to-toe against your foes with some high-impact PvE action. We've made campaign improvements, updated feature unlocks, and more! Learn more from our PvE article.

PvP Changes

With the release of the 0.9.5 beta patch, we’re making some changes to PvP to help introduce players to the Battle system and better prepare them to jump into action-packed PvP chaos. Learn more from our PvP overview article.

UI Improvements

We’ve improved the visuals of both the quest leader selection and the post-quest experience claim screens by replacing the background, improving the pedestal for Minis, and streamlining the header bars. The experience rewards should also display more consistently.

New Language Selections in the Works

Our top engineers are hard at work bringing additional language selection to the game. Players will be able to switch easily between several languages with Turkish being added sometime in the future. As always, it’s important to note that this is still a work in progress as we continue to test this new functionality during the beta.

0.9.5 Update Notes

Dive into all the details with the official 0.9.5 update notes on the official forums. (English Only)

What are you waiting for? Smash that button and dive back into the action. 

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