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Unit Spotlight: Terran

Unit Spotlight: Terran

Terrans are the scrappy improvisers of StarCraft, relying on cobbled-together technology and a resilient spirit to spread Southern Hospitality around a cold and unfeeling universe. Rambunctious outcasts from a dignified civilization, they roam the fringes of the galaxy armed with over-the-top weaponry: flamethrowers, rocket launchers, and whatever other explosive devices they can get their mitts on.  

Below, we highlight several Terran units, and offer tips on how to get the most out of their unique capabilities.

Hold off Zerglings with Firebats

A few Firebats with Medics to heal them can hold off Zerglings almost indefinitely, especially if positioned in a choke point. The Firebat’s flamethrower hits multiple targets at once—perfect for taking out small units that attack in swarms.

Against more durable units, however, Firebats aren’t nearly as effective. Also, don’t build too many of them—they lack the range to work well in large groups.

Slay Masses of Mutalisks with Valkyries

Valkyries blanket the sky with air-to-air missiles that deal incredible splash damage. A few Valkyries will solve your mass Mutalisk problems in no time at all . . .

Drive Your Opponent Crazy with Siege Tank Drops

Using a Dropship to set up Siege Tanks on cliffs and other hard-to-reach locations is a great way to irritate your opponent, forcing them to spend precious mental resources puzzling out how to get up there and kill the dang things already. For maximum effectiveness, put your tanks in Siege Mode on a cliff abutting your opponent’s expansion.

Get More for Less with Cost-Effective Units

Terran units are very cost-effective, and when combined into powerful compositions like Medic/Marine/Science Vessel or Siege Tank/Vulture/Goliath, they form fearsome armies that can roam the map with impunity. Don’t be afraid to stay on two bases, contesting your opponent’s expansions with mobile units like Marines and Vultures, until you have enough to move out for a final crushing hammer blow.

Learn from the Best

Watch Lee ‘Flash’ Young Ho dismantle Lee ‘Shine’ Young Han in the AfreecaTV StarLeague (ASL) Season 3 Finals. If Flash isn’t the greatest StarCraft player of all time, he’s pretty damn close, and this series shows why.

Check back next week for a Protoss spotlight, and explore the totally free StarCraft PTR while you wait for StarCraft: Remastered’s summer release!

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