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Keeping the Cozy Competitive Vibe with Deshaawnn

Keeping the Cozy Competitive Vibe with Deshaawnn

Overwatch 2 strives to be a space that is fun and safe for all players of all backgrounds. Whether they are queer or an ally, many players in our community have made Overwatch 2 their game a place where they can express themselves authentically. We had the chance to talk with content creator Deshaawnn to find out why Overwatch 2 is his go-to game and positive place for him.

Hello Deshaawnn! Would you please introduce yourself and which heroes do you like to play?

Deshaawn: Hello, my name is Deshaawnn. I’m a cozy / slightly chaotic queer streamer in the Overwatch community. I’ve been streaming since 2018 and honestly, I just love shining love and positivity into people’s lives. That’s what I enjoy about this most of all.

My favorite hero to play? I am a diehard Support main. I love Support. I play Kiriko, Lucio, and Moira. Kiriko is my girl, I love her.

Why do you like to play Overwatch 2?

Deshaawnn: Overwatch is just that kind of safe homey game for me, if that makes sense. The comfort you feel, when you show up at your house and you have the comfort feel, it’s kinda how I feel about when I play Overwatch, you know? It’s a game where I can feel I can be whoever I am without having to mask myself as much and also be able to play competitively. I like to play ranked. I am a ranked sweat. So, I love to be able to play Competitive but also be who I am. That’s what I enjoy the most about playing Overwatch.

What is it about Support that motivates you to play that role more than any other?

Deshaawnn: I love the challenge of keeping my team alive and making sure they are all good, while also being able to help do damage, you know what I mean? I love it. It keeps my brain busy, for sure, because I love making sure that I am always doing something to help the team. I get the most satisfaction from making sure my teammates are staying alive.

For anyone who is new to Overwatch 2, what’s the one tip that you always tell your viewers and followers?

Deshaawnn: I love to tell people to make sure to play different heroes. At first you find your comfort pick, which is okay, but I think being able to play a variety of heroes is so important. You find out who you really like to play as well. I didn’t think I was going to enjoy Kiriko as much as I do. Now, she’s nearly all I like to play. Also, being able to identify who counters your heroes and which your heroes’ counters as well is extremely crucial.

What map do you enjoy the most when you play Overwatch 2?

Deshaawnn: I love Blizzard World. There is something about it that’s so fun, especially when the Winter Wonderland decorations are up—it’s so cute!

What was the thing that got you into playing Overwatch in the first place and what connections does Overwatch 2 bring to you as a player?

Deshaawnn: I started playing Overwatch on my Xbox back in 2016, then came back when Overwatch 2 started. I thought okay let’s check it out, and the rest is history.

I have made so many friends. In the gaming space, having queer spaces and safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community is so important. Finding connections and friendship through that is so important and Overwatch is a game that did that the most for me.

What’s your best moment playing Overwatch 2 so far?

Deshaawnn: Hitting Diamond for the first time and getting out of Platinum after feeling stuck. The feeling of ranking up to the next tier is so great.

Anything you want to say to the community about how they should enjoy Overwatch and feel connected to the community as you have been?

Deshaawnn: Just be you, unapologetically, and really be a part of this space in our community. Overwatch really allows and enables all of us to really be “us” authentically. I understand people having social anxiety and being scared because the gaming space can be filled with hate, but taking space and being who you are, as loud as you can, is so important. Overwatch is the best place you can do it.

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