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Calling the Action in Overwatch Esports with CeeBee

Calling the Action in Overwatch Esports with CeeBee

Overwatch 2 wouldn’t be where it is without the amazing talent that goes into the various Esports programs that help showcase the best players in the game and the casting talent who call all the action. One rising star in that field is Ceebee, who brings you the action when you watch Calling All Heroes, the Esports program that provides a competitive space for players of marginalized genders to compete. We sat down to chat with CeeBee, who shared what it’s like to be involved in the growing community for Overwatch and how she is looking to make Esports a place for everyone.

Hello CeeBee, would you introduce yourself to our community?

CeeBee: Hello, my name is Ceebee. I am an Esports caster focusing primarily on competitive Overwatch. I found a  lovely home in the Calling All Heroes scene, where I get the opportunity to call the action and be an active part of that community to help support marginalized gender players, giving them a good place to exist and grow in the Esports scene and become better friends. This helps reinforce my own personal mantra, which is “Esports is for everyone.” Sometimes it can feel like it’s not always as true as it should be, but I'm out to make sure that it is.

That’s awesome! So why do you like to cast Overwatch 2?

CeeBee: Overwatch is a game that I’ve pretty well played since the original game’s open beta back in 2016. I have gotten addicted to breaking down the “macro-game,” or the way the entire game flows. Not just in the role I play but in how everything falls into place. You use one ability, and that changes how another player uses their ability, and so on. Getting into the little details of how a game plays out is super addicting. It's so fun, and I like to analyze it.

What heroes or roles do you like to play in Overwatch 2?

CeeBee: I am a very dedicated Support main. Some people might call me an Ana one-trick, which honestly might be accurate. Ever since Ana was released, she has been the hero I always enjoy playing with and keep coming back to. I enjoy the feel of her abilities, like deciding to use one of her shots to heal or to deal damage and pressure an opponent away, understanding how holding on to my cooldowns can impact every team fight.

I learned the game from the point-of-view of Ana, so even when I play a different hero, I often go back to playing Ana when a different hero I might be trying doesn’t work out. If I am playing Tank, I like to play Junker Queen and Winston. But at the end of the day, I just kind of want to be on my silly little grandma hero plucking away from the backline.

Your career is growing in the Overwatch Esports scene, and we are looking forward to seeing how your career grows. Can you provide any tips for anyone who may be interested in getting into the field of casting Esports?

CeeBee: If you enjoy casting or want to get into casting, my biggest tip is to look into grassroots Esports programs and organizations. Many of these organizations are filled with a lot of people who know what they are doing, so or are just as eager to learn, and they are great places to get started. One of the things I really, really like about Overwatch in comparison to other Esports is the amount of passion the playerbase has— it causes these grassroot movements to start and grow. It gives you opportunities for learning any skills you want,  whether it be casting, observing, or getting into Esports production. Even if you just want to form a team to grind and learn as a player, you can do that too in any of these small tournaments.

What connections does Overwatch 2 bring to you as a caster that makes you feel like you belong in this community?

CeeBee: The biggest things that Overwatch brought me is the sense of community, the shared love, and the shared passion about this game. Even when we are critical sometimes, it’s out of our love for the game. Being with all the other Calling All Heroes folks, including the other great casters, is like family to me. It’s that sense of community I feel that keeps me wanting to stick around.

Which team do you think will be the team to beat in the 2024-2025 Calling All Heroes season?

CeeBee: Well, if the players from the 2023-2024 Timeless Ethereal come back, they are going to be the team to beat for sure. But I've also got my eyes on Valentine and YFP Pixies—both have a lot of strong players, a good mix of familiar faces, and some incredible up-and-coming talent. Those are going to be two teams to keep an eye on.

Fans can tune into twitch.tv/ow_esports to watch all of the action that you’ll be casting but where can fans follow you?

CeeBee: I am often on socials at @CeeBeeChan, where you can find me idolizing Junker Queen. You can also find me on Twitch at twitch.tv/CeeBeeChan, where you can join me during some of my OWCS co-streams.

Anything else you want to tell our community?

CeeBee: Please come out and support Calling All Heroes if you are not already a fan and watching . I think it's very important to know that the Esports industry is still growing and we’re all making a lot of impact that’s going to shape the entire future of Esports. Calling All Heroes is giving players and talent of marginalized genders the opportunity to say we are here to say and we’re going to be a part of that future.

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