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Show Off Your Playstyle with the New Player Progression System

Show Off Your Playstyle with the New Player Progression System

Is boosting damage your biggest goal when playing Mercy? Do you make sure you block all damage with Reinhardt’s barrier? Is getting quintuple kills using D.Va’s Self Destruct ultimate ability the one trait your opponents fear? If you are proud of your playstyle with your favorite heroes, now you can celebrate it with Overwatch 2’s new Player Progression feature.

Originally, we used experience levels to celebrate how much players advanced in Overwatch. In Overwatch 2, we want to bring different ways for players to earn rewards and show off their playstyles to their peers. Starting in Overwatch 2: Invasion, we introduced an entirely new Player Progression system to track and celebrate your playstyle with your favorite heroes, roles, and game modes.

Celebrate your Playstyle and Favorite Heroes

Your progress in Overwatch 2 is now looked at in three progression layers. First, sub-badges are displayed for specific statistics based on the hero, role, and game mode you play. For heroes, this tracks the key stats common to that hero’s role, time played, and games won, along with the stats surrounding their unique abilities. For roles, you’ll track common stats associated with that role, along with how many wins you earn and how much you play. Finally, with game modes, you track number of wins and time played across each mode.

As you reach the threshold for each sub-badge level, you’ll level up that sub-badge, contributing XP to the badge level for that specific hero, role, or game mode. Badges reach new tiers as they level up and are a great way to show your favorite heroes, roles, or game modes. Each time one of your badges levels up, you gain a player progression level that you can show off in your career profile and other places throughout Overwatch 2 (or if you prefer, you can turn off showing your badges and progression in your social options).

As you play, your Progression Showcase will become more decorated with higher-ranked badges and sub-badges that you can screenshot and share with your friends or on social. Badges will be displayed in places that show off the heroes you play, such as the Play of the Game highlight. Your player progression level will also proudly be displayed in the overview of your career profile as well. Also, be sure to enable your Career Profile to public view if you want to show off your achievements to any players you encounter!


Introducing New Challenges

As you level up your badges and progression levels for each hero, you’ll be able to complete new hero challenges and earn Player Icons, Name Cards, and Titles. There is also a new weekly challenge with Player Progression. Once you level up your Player Progression enough, you’ll earn bonus Overwatch Credits that can be spent in the Hero Gallery for Overwatch cosmetics. It will also count toward the three weekly reward challenge tiers that grant Overwatch Coins to spend for premium Overwatch 2 cosmetics in the in-game shop.


Show Off Your Achievements!

Want to show off that you’re the most dedicated Tracer player? Or that you’re the king of Total Mayhem in the Arcade? Level up your badges and then post your screenshots to social media with the hashtag #Overwatch2. You might just get some recognition from the @PlayOverwatch social channels when you do! 

The Player Progression system is now live in Overwatch 2: Invasion, along with all new Story Missions, the Underworld limited-time event, new hero Illari, and all new Flashpoint PVP maps! Learn more about our latest season here or get started on building your Progression Level today when you download and play Overwatch 2 on your favorite platform.

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