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Shop Updates Coming to Season 6

Shop Updates Coming to Season 6

Starting with Season 5, you may have noticed some changes to the offers available and timing of the Special Offers section.

In Season 6 and beyond, we hope to continue diversifying this section's offers catalog and work towards more relevant content for players.

New Zone Offers

Periodically, we’ll introduce additional one-time zone offers tailored to the new player experience. When this occurs, all existing players who’ve already met the unlock requirements will also have a chance to purchase the offer.


The Barren’s Bounty*

2 Uncommon Minis, one will be from your equipped army**
2 Major XP Boosts
1000 Coins


Darkshore Spoils*

1 Rare Mini from your equipped army**
1 Major XP Boost
1200 Coins

Retiring Offers

We will be retiring some recurring weekly offers with the start of Season 6. These offers will be available* until May 30, 2024.

  • Tinkerer’s, Sapper’s and others in this series.
  • Bilgewater Bounty
  • Steelgrill's Stockpile
  • Gadgetzan’s Grandeur

There is a chance we will look into reintroducing these offers in a different section in the future.

Learn more about Season 6 and get a preview into Season 7 in our latest article.

*Certain products are not available until progression minimum requirements have been met.
**Mini will be catered towards the equipped army at time of purchase.

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