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Earn Powerful Rewards in Molten Core

Earn Powerful Rewards in Molten Core

Blackrock Mountain—the result of what is now widely considered a wrong move—was created when the Dark Iron dwarf Thaurissan summoned Ragnaros into Azeroth. Ragnaros promptly incinerated Thaurissan’s kingdom, creating what is now known as Blackrock Mountain.

Deep beneath the fiery surface of Blackrock Mountain lies a realm of nightmares known as Molten Core. This treacherous domain is home to searing creatures, born of fire and earth, including the most ferocious flamewakers, perilous elementals, and monstrous core hounds.

Any adventurer imprudent or brave enough to invade Ragnaros’ domain must defeat his searing dignitaries before taking on the Firelord, Lord of Flame, Master of all Elementals. You get the idea. You won’t need a raid entirely of warriors or Hydraxian water, just a guildmate and carefully crafted armies of your favorite Minis.

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Raid Bosses: 7
Sigils Required: 90
Minimum Level:

  • Wing 1: 22 - 24
    • Lucifron
    • Magmadar
  • Wing 2: 24 - 26
    • Garr
    • Gehennas & Shazzrah
  • Wing 3: 26 - 28
    • Baron Geddon
    • Golemagg
  • Ragnaros: 28 - 30


Molten Core will be available from June 5 at 11 a.m. PDT to June 12 at 10:59 a.m.

Initial Schedule:

  • Siege
  • Raid
  • Off Week

Regular Schedule:

  • Siege
  • Off Week
  • Raid
  • Off Week
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Wing 1

Lucifron, also known as Luci, but don’t let him hear you say that; otherwise, you may find yourself on the wrong side of his spear. He can be very cloak and dagger and is no stranger to conflict with fellow flamewakers, especially Gehennas. Lucifron quietly waits in the shadows of Molten Core for his opportunity to capitalize on any weakness to gain favor with the Firelord, Ragnaros. Any adventurer who dares challenge him will be met with an explosive show of power and fire elementals under his command.

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Wing 1

A dog’s faithfulness for their human is unmatched; the same can be said for core hounds. Well, that and sometimes they just... won’t... die. Core hounds are faithful servants of the Firelord Ragnaros, led by the most terrifying and savage alpha, Magmadar. It is said that while Ragnaros was imprisoned in the Elemental Plane, the Firelord would feed his enemies to Magmadar, causing his strength to become uncontested. This gargantuan hound and his pack will fiercely protect the Firelord from uninvited guests.

It's not hard; just call or text before you come over.

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Wing 2

Garr is one of two Chief Lieutenants under Ragnaros. He is a terrifying behemoth of an Earth Elemental with profound control over the earth around him. Foes shall quake in their boots if they find themselves before him.

He worked alongside Baron Geddon to ambush Thunderaan, the Windseeker, and imprison his essence in a talisman known as the Bindings of the Windseeker. Garr plays a vital role in protecting one-half of the talisman and will crush those who seek to reunite them. Did someone say, Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker?



Wing 2

Ragnaros freed Gehennas, Shazzrah, and their fellow flamewakers from the Elemental Plane after Emperor Thaurissan summoned him to Azeroth. Gehennas seeks power and to rise above his fellow flamewakers. He is distrusted by all, except his two loyal guards, who hope to gain power and notoriety alongside Gehennas.

Shazzrah is the confidante, suriel of tea, or keeper of secrets and gossip within Molten Core. While his true intentions are veiled, he is aware that Baron Geddon suspects Garr of treachery and plans to capitalize when the opportunity arises. Shazzrah’s unmatched talent with arcane magic could spell doom for everyone if he ever manages to get both halves of the Talisman of Elemental Binding.

Prepare for double and make it trouble! No, that’s not right. This dastardly duo couldn’t be more different, but they have united upon a singular goal: to watch your Minis BURN!

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Wing 3

The plotter and schemer award goes to none other than one of the eldest fire elementals, Baron Geddon. Once the right hand or hand of the lord Ragnaros, Geddon was demoted after being seen as weak during the war against the Titans. After being replaced by the “lowly” flamewaker Majordomo Executus, Geddon vowed to find a way to overthrow the majordomo and reclaim what is rightfully his.

Geddon orchestrated the betrayal of Thunderaan, the Windseeker, in a bid to win favor with the Firelord Ragnaros. With the help of Garr, they managed to isolate the air elemental from his allies, but their attempts to destroy him were in vain. Instead, they sealed him within the talisman known as the Bindings of the Windseeker. While victorious in his plot to rid the world of Thunderaan, Geddon did not regain his position next to his master. Instead, Ragnaros broke the talisman, tasking Geddon and Garr each to protect one half.

Geddon has his suspicions that Garr may covet both halves of the talisman. Could it be that the centuries of scheming have made Geddon paranoid? Is Garr planning a betrayal of his own? Is the floor actually lava? Find out on the next episode of, Am I the Drama?*

*This is not a real series.

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Wing 3

What type of Stanley Snacks is Golemagg carrying that allow him to tame two powerful core ragers, descendants of the beast Magmadar? Golemagg is a proud pet parent, often calling his hounds to aid him in battle, but he is the most feared of the Firelord’s forces in Azeroth. Golemagg, the Incinerator, is a brutally powerful molten giant who will immolate anyone who crosses his path.

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Final Boss

Ragnaros, this season's Black Diamond, can often be found steeping in the warm and inviting lava pools of Molten Core. Any adventurer imprudent or brave enough to interrupt Ragnaros must be prepared to rip it, roll it, and punch it through flaming waves of magma and dodge Sulfuras better than the Majordomo. Sulfuras Splash!



Diamond Slot

Use Valor to upgrade a Gold Army Slot to Diamond. Diamond Army Slots will grant +4 levels to a Mini.


100 Valor


100 Valor

Clear Wing 1

Boost Slot

Boost Slots increase the base XP of any Mini placed there to level 20, this is the max level a Mini can reach via XP only. An additional 10 levels can be obtained from unlocking talents (+3), increasing the Mini’s rarity (+4), and having them in the correct Gold army slot (+3). The addition of Diamond Slots (+4) will increase the total level that a Mini can reach to 31.


100 Valor

Gehennas & Shazzrah

100 Valor

Clear Wing 2


Mythic Tome

Baron Geddon

100 Valor


100 Valor

Clear Wing 3


Legendary Core



Ragnaros as a Leader

Ragnaros isn’t like any other Leader, he’s the first completely stationary Mini. When played he will take over the player’s nearest tower or base, serving as a shield that must be killed before the tower can be damaged.

  • Role: Leader
  • Family: Blackrock
  • Deploy Cost: 5 Gold
  • Traits: Tank, AOE, Elemental, Braze, Blast Wave
  • Health: 2,000
Leader Ability
  • Molten Armor: Armored allies deal a small amount of damage back to their attackers.
  • Wrath: Ragnaros performs an AOE swing, dealing damage to nearby enemies within extended melee range.
New Traits
  • Braze: Attach to the nearest allied Tower or Base, shielding it.
  • Blast Wave: While in play, replace this Mini in your deck with the Blast Wave spell: Burn and knock back enemies near buildings.
  • Concussive Blast: Blast Wave leaves enemies stunned for 2 seconds.
  • Radiant Flames: Buildings you control periodically damage nearby enemies.
  • Son of Flame: At 50% health, summon a Fire Elemental that lasts 15 seconds.

Players will ONLY receive rewards themselves for clearing raid battles for the first time, once per raid cycle rotation. Players can re-clear raid fights within the same cycle up to two additional times to help fellow guildmates, though they themselves will not earn duplicate rewards. Earnable rewards will refresh when the Molten Core Raid returns in a few weeks.

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