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Patch Notes for Update 6.0.0.

Patch Notes for Update 6.0.0.

Season 6

Raids AND Sieges are here!

Prepare to battle Ragnaros the Firelord in the Molten Core Raid, claim victory in the Siege of Stormwind, and unlock a new Cenarion Troop: Earth and Moon from the guild War Chest. Check out everything coming in Season 6 and get a glimpse of what to expect in Season 7 in our article. Season 6 is going to be FIRE!


  • To prepare for Season 6, we've increased the maximum number of players allowed in a guild from 15 to 20.


  • The level cap for dungeons has been lowered to 23, was 30.
  • Arc Energy rewards have been redistributed and increased as well. Players can now claim 1200 Arc Energy and 100 coins per leader from beating a level 23 dungeon each week.


Baron Rivendare
  • The Chill of the Grave talent will now spawn Skeleton Mages at the player's towers and meeting stones every 25 seconds, was every 20 seconds. Barracks spawn rate is unchanged at every 60 seconds.
Sylvanas Windrunner
  • Sylvanas' Leader Ability, Windrunner Warchief now applies to all Horde and Undead allies. Previously it only applied to Horde and Undead allies that were nearby.


Deep Breath
  • The casting cost for the Double Dragon talent has been increased from 4 Gold to 5 Gold.
Molten Giant
  • Health has been increased to 3500, from 2900.
  • Health has been reduced to 700, from 780.
Whelp Eggs
  • Damage of the Flame Burst talent has been reduced from 110 damage to 50 damage per burst.

Darkmoon Faire

  • We're excited for players to experience the fun and chaos that Darkmoon Faire will continue to bring to Rumble as we experiment with new modifiers, rewards and challenges.


  • Abomination's Hook should no longer target the Mountaineer's bear instead of the Mountaineer.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Minis to become invulnerable if Charlga rooted them while they were polymorphed.
  • Faerie Dragon should now properly cleanse the visuals applied by Frost Storms in the Kashoch mission.
  • Murloc Tidehunter's Safety Bubble, and Witch Doctor's Spirit Ward shields should now properly block the first hit from Rocket Towers.
  • Tirion Fordring's Divine Shield should now properly block damage from Rocket Towers until the shield expires.
  • Harvest Golem with the Bountiful Harvest talent should no longer heal buildings, as intended.
  • Faerie Dragon should now deal Elemental damage, as intended.
  • Additional general bugfixes and performance improvements.

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