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The Evolution of Faerie Dragon

The Evolution of Faerie Dragon

Faerie dragons, also known as sprite darters, blink dragons, fey dragons or fey drakes are diminutive, intelligent, and mischievous. Faerie dragons have a history that is nearly as intertwined into the story of Azeroth as that of the dragonflights.

Faerie dragons may bear similarities to ordered dragons, but they are not truly related to dragonkind. Though it's not unusual to see these winged creatures in the presence of dragons due to the overlapping habitats, a shared affinity for the arcane and their connection to the Emerald Dream.

The Emerald Dream is not a dream and has no emeralds. Ooh! Deep thought, head hurts now.

Brightwing, Heroes of the Storm

These playful little tricksters can suddenly disappear or blink from one place to another. They can also manipulate magic by dampening, nullifying or even causing a feedback effect of spells.

It's ouchie time! - Faerie Dragon, Warcraft Rumble

A faerie dragon was first seen using a blink like ability called Phase Shift in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, followed by Heroes of the Storm and most recently in Warcraft Rumble. Phase Shift gives it the ability to shift out of existence when attacked, temporarily avoiding further damage.

Legend states that faerie dragons led a curious band of dark trolls to the Well of Eternity where they would become the first elves. These intelligent creatures are capable of limited speech in a variety of local languages and yet have an elaborate command of the arcane for both offensive and defensive purposes.

As time passed, the night elves would foster strong bonds with these fey creatures and call upon them in times of need. Even the Sentinels protecting the forests would sometimes call on the fey spirits who dwelled in the wilds for aid.

Faerie dragons can often be spotted in World of Warcraft accompanied by keepers of the grove or dryads. The forests of Feralas and Ashenvale offer the best chance to see one in the wild due to the abundance of elven ruins and abandoned moonwells.

Although, a few fortunate adventurers have reported seeing faerie dragons converge upon a mysterious mushroom ring in an area of Tirisfal Glade known as the Whispering Forest. Claiming to have been witness to an elaborate display of singing, illumination, and dancing, these individuals describe the experience as having ended as suddenly and inexplicably as it began.


Oh, hi, new friend! I am Brightwing. Do you know about faerie dragons? Well, we like happy things, like... nature, and making new friends. Ooh, and snack time! When playing with friends, the fun never ends!

Brightwing, Heroes of the Storm

Staying true to their whimsical nature, the Faerie Dragon Mini in Warcraft Rumble brings a delightful mix of mayhem and mischief to the battlefield.

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