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Player Versus Player Update

Player Versus Player Update

Beginning with Season 6, we’re going to make some adjustments to PvP. First, we’ll be improving player matchmaking to be more accurate. To do this, we’ll be looking closely at Leader Honor.

When it comes to matchmaking, our goal is for Leader Honor to represent both a player’s army level and skill. To this end, we're increasing the number of placement matches. In these matches, you’ll go against opponents of equal level to determine your initial Leader Honor, and they must be played for each new Leader used in PvP. Our hope is that this allows you to reach an accurate Leader Honor more quickly, while reducing the number of unfavorable matches in the process.

To accommodate this change, we will be removing level caps for PvP at or below a Leader Honor of 3000. This may result in some matches having a more prominent army level discrepancy than before due to players moving up to their correct Leader Honor as opposed to being solely based on army level. However, the end result should be a more accurate, less restrictive distribution of Leader Honor and more fair PvP matches overall.

Please send us your feedback! We will continue to monitor this change as we work toward the best possible PvP experience for everyone.

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