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In-Development: Maiev, Lunar Festival, and More!

In-Development: Maiev, Lunar Festival, and More!

We’re about to ring in the new year with Maiev—our newest Assassin Hero—as well as the finest Lunar Festival celebration the Nexus has seen so far, and so many new cosmetic items that we simply couldn’t help but give you a sneak preview. Read on to check out everything that’s headed your way with our next Heroes of the Storm patch, and let the new year celebration commence!

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New Hero: Maiev

Maiev, The Warden, is an elusive and deadly new Assassin Hero who will stop at nothing to chase down and lock away any who would stand against her in the Nexus. Maiev is preparing to join Heroes of the Storm with next week’s patch. She’s bringing along a number of new skins, as well as a new Heroic Bundle, which is available until February 19 and includes all five of her Epic launch skins. Be sure to stop by Maiev's Hero Page to learn about her abilities and playstyle.

Epic Maiev Skins

Rare Maiev Skins

Maiev Heroic Bundle

Hero Skins
Maiev Hellwarden Maiev
Bonewarden Maiev
Dreadwarden Maiev
Hordewarden Maiev
Plaguewarden Maiev

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Lunar Festival 2018!

In the Nexus, Lunar Festival marks a time to reflect on lessons learned from battles won and lost, and cherish the fun you’ve had queuing up with friends or family. It’s also a great time to plan out your conquests for the new year and pick up some sweet new loot!

Join us in celebrating Lunar Festival 2018 from the week of Tuesday, February 6, until Monday, March 5! During the event, you’ll unlock new lunar goodies by completing a four-part quest chain, race against the clock—and other players—to complete the free-for-all Lunar Festival Brawl, and earn ornate Lunar Festival Loot Chests just by playing Heroes of the Storm.

Head to our Lunar Festival 2018 mini-site for more event details, and be sure to take a look at all of the new skins, mounts, bundles, emojis, sprays, and portraits we’ve shared below.

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New Lunar Skins

Many Heroes are joining in the revelry and donning their finest fineries during this year’s Lunar Festival event, including Kael’thas, Sylvanas, Cassia, and Zul’jin. Additionally, items from past years, such as Lunar Illidan, Jaina, Li-Ming, and others have returned to the Nexus! We’ve added new variations for some of these skins to the game, as well as a ton of new mounts, emojis, portraits, and sprays.

You can add these event items to your collection by forging them with shards, or opening them in limited-time Lunar Festival 2018 Loot Chests. New items will remain at their initial shard prices for the duration of the event, while returning items from past Lunar Festivals have been adjusted down. You won’t be able to pick up the bundles or forge event items after March 5, so be sure to snag some new loot before it's gone!

Legendary Skin

Epic Skins

Rare Skins

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New Lunar Mounts

Lunar Skyrocket Lunar Guardian
Lunar Skyrocket* Lunar Guardian
Golden Lunar Skyrocket** Jade Lunar Guardian
Marble Lunar Guardian
* Unlock the Lunar Skyrocket Mount by completing the Lunar Festival 2018 event quest!
** The Golden Lunar Skyrocket can be purchased using gold during the 2018 Lunar Festival event.

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New Lunar Bundles

We've added two limited-time bundles to Heroes of the Storm for those of you who'd like to pick up a variety of Lunar Festival items for a discount. The Lunar Festival 2018 Bundle contains some of the newest skins and mounts, while the Lunar Festival Classic Bundle features items from previous events. Both bundles can be purchased using gems for the duration of the event.

Lunar Festival 2018 Bundle

Heroes Skins Mounts
Kael'thas Lunar Kael'thas Lunar Guardian
Sylvanas Heavenly Lunar Kael'thas Jade Lunar Guardian
Jade Lunar Kael'thas Marble Lunar Guardian
Lunar Sylvanas
Jade Lunar Sylvanas
Soaring Lunar Sylvanas

Lunar Festival 2018 Classic Bundle

Heroes Skins Mounts
Chen Lunar Chen Azure Lunar Dragon
Illidan Dragon Lunar Illidan Eclipse Lunar Tiger
Jaina Jade Lunar Jaina
Li Li Sweet Lunar Li Li
Li-Ming Imperial Lunar Li-Ming

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New Emojis


Lunar Guardian

Lunar Kael'thas

Lunar Sylvanas

Lunar Genji

Lunar Illidan

Lunar Li Li

Lunar Phrases

Elements Emojis

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New Sprays

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New Portraits

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We hope you manage to lock down the a few games with Maiev and kick off the new year by joining the Lunar Festival celebration!

We’ll see you in the Nexus.


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