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Heroes 2.0 Veteran Loot Chests Update

Heroes 2.0 Veteran Loot Chests Update

Over the past few days, we’ve seen many conversations in the community surrounding the Loot Chests we’re awarding to our veteran players when Heroes of the Storm 2.0 goes live on April 25. After reading through the feedback that many of you have shared, we’ve decided to improve upon the plan we posted in our initial Heroes 2.0 announcement.


Progression and Loot Chests

Whenever we roll out a new system, we strive to ensure it will help the game continue to evolve in a positive direction. We also do our best to strike a balance between creating features that are fun and rewarding for all players, and recognizing those of you who have been doing battle in the Nexus since the beginning. We’re very excited to bring the new progression and rewards systems to Heroes of the Storm and feel that they will accomplish all of these goals quite well.

With the changes we’ve made to Hero Level XP requirements, new players and veterans alike will be getting more meaningful rewards more often. Some of these include new mechanics and reward types that didn’t exist in Heroes when we first launched the game, and we can’t wait to see what you’ll do with them. Since we’ve also uncapped progression, you’ll be able to continue playing the Heroes you love, and receiving meaningful rewards, indefinitely.

One aspect of the Heroes 2.0 launch that we’d like to “level-up” is how we’re thanking the most dedicated Heroes players among you. We are incredibly grateful for your support, your enthusiasm, and all the fun matches we’ve played together since launch.


Updated Loot Chests for Current Players

Here are the updated rewards you will receive as a celebration of Heroes 2.0 and a gift to recognize your dedication to Heroes thus far:

Loot Chest Adjustments

If you’ve finished at least one Heroes of the Storm match before 2.0 is released, you’re going to receive five Common Loot Chests—but that’s just the beginning. Additionally, we’ve replaced all of the Common and Rare Loot Chests awarded at every 10 and 25 Player Levels (as outlined in our previous announcement) with Epic Loot Chests. Each Epic Loot Chest guarantees at least one item of Epic rarity, or higher, and you’ll receive up to 55 of them based on your converted Player Level after the Heroes 2.0 release. 

Player Level Rewards
Completed at least 1 Heroes match 5 Loot Chests
Every 10 Player Levels +1 Epic Loot Chest (55 maximum)
Every 100 Player Levels +1 Veteran Loot Chest (10 maximum)

Veteran Loot Chests

Our most dedicated players will receive special “Veteran Chests” that contain five coins, rather than four, and guarantee at least one Legendary item per chest. Veteran Chests are a unique type of Loot Chest we’ve created specifically for our most dedicated players as part of the Heroes 2.0 launch, and cannot be earned through progression in the new system. Like the Epic Loot Chest rewards above, the number of Veteran Chests you will receive is based on your total, converted Player Level in the new progression system.

30 Day Stimpack

In order to give you a boost heading into our newly revamped progression system, players who reached level 40 prior to Heroes of the Storm 2.0 will also receive a 30-Day Stimpack! The 100% XP bonus it offers means you’ll level up and unlock Loot Chests even faster!


Whether you’re entering the Nexus for the first time in Heroes 2.0, or you’ve been with us for years, we believe you’re going to love the future of Heroes of the Storm we have in store. Thank you to everyone who has been with us on this epic journey; we hope you’ll continue sharing your constructive feedback about Heroes 2.0 over the coming weeks. See you in the Nexus!


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