Explore New Heroes in Twist!

Explore New Heroes in Twist!

Twist returns soon for a massive new season: Whizbang’s Heroes! Jump right into the fun with one of 19 new Heroes, each with a pre-made deck and a unique Hero Power and Passive effect. It all starts when the next season begins on June 1!

What Makes a Hero?

In Whizbang’s Heroes, simply pick your Hero and play! Each Hero has three main characteristics: a pre-built deck, a unique Hero Power, and a corresponding Passive effect. Heroes can also have different life totals. The pre-built Hero decks don’t have to follow the normal deck construction rules of Hearthstone: some decks are different sizes, most decks feature a mix of cards across different classes, and many decks have no duplicates, for more varied play. Each Hero’s Hero Power and Passive effect are designed to match that character’s flavor and deck mechanics. Our goal is for each Hero to feel like a new class.


Unlocking Heroes

The June Twist season will kick off with 19 available Heroes:

  • Illidan Stormrage*
  • Al’Akir the Windlord*
  • Arch-Villain Rafaam*
  • Leeroy Jenkins*
  • Kael’Thas Sunstrider**
  • C’Thun**
  • Nozdormu
  • The Lich King
  • Xyrella
  • Patches the Pirate
  • Sir Finley Mrrgglton
  • King Krush
  • Forest Warden Omu
  • Dr. Boom
  • Zul’jin
  • N’Zoth, the Corruptor
  • Brann Bronzebeard
  • Guff Runetotem
  • Arfus

Each Hero is unlocked while you have their corresponding Legendary in your collection. The specific card that unlocks each Hero is the card that matches the name of that Hero (with the exception of Illidan Stormrage, unlocked by Metamorphosis in Core).

If you already have the card in your collection when the season starts, the Hero will automatically be unlocked when the season begins. If you want to unlock a particular Hero you haven’t unlocked yet, you can go directly to that card in the collection from the Twist Hero selection screen to craft it. Getting the relevant cards through other means, like packs, will also unlock those Heroes.

*These heroes are unlocked by cards in Core, so they will be automatically unlocked for all players at the start of the season.

**These two cards were free login rewards for older expansions. If not already unlocked, C’Thun is automatically unlocked by having a Whispers of the Old Gods pack and going to the pack opening screen and Kael’thas is automatically unlocked by having an Ashes of Outland pack and going to the pack opening screen.

Checking the Details

Since each Hero’s deck is pre-built, you can access all the fun straight from the play screen! Swap over to Twist Mode from the Hearthstone screen to bring up all the Hero selections—whether or not they're unlocked yet. From there, you can mouse over a Hero to see their unlock criteria. You can also select the Hero to see their Hero Power, Passive effect, life total, and decklist.


Click here to see a list of what each Hero's Health, Hero Power, Passive Effect, and decklist will look at to start the June Twist Season.

Heroic Style

The baseline quality of the cards in your Hero’s deck will match the quality of that unlock card in your Collection (Normal, Golden, Diamond, or Signature). So, if you have a Golden version of an unlock card, your entire deck will be Golden. If you have a higher quality (Diamond or Signature), any cards that can match that quality will match it and the rest will default to Golden. Individual cards in those decks can go above that baseline Quality of your deck if you have a higher Quality version of those particular cards in your Collection. For purposes of this deck construction rule, Signature is considered a higher Quality than Diamond.

Twist Plans Through the End of the Year

One of our main goals with Twist is to provide a space to try new things that we wouldn’t necessarily try in Ranked Standard. We try things, we break things, we learn lessons, and then we do it all again.

One of the things we’re trying with this Twist season is messing with balance cadence for the mode. Whizbang’s Heroes have variable Healths that we can quickly adjust, so we plan to make weekly Hero Health adjustments to respond to meta developments. The hope is that these weekly updates will help address the issue we’ve seen in the past where Twist seasons didn’t line up well with our patch schedule. We’ll still be taking a look at adjusting all other things (like Hero Powers, Passive Effects, and decklists) in our normal scheduled balance patches.

After the June season, we’ll be bringing Whizbang’s Heroes back for the July season—with nine additional new Heroes to try!

After the July season, Twist will be dark again for a while. We sometimes see players asking why there are seasons when Twist isn’t available. By design, Twist isn’t an “always on” Mode like most of the other Modes in Hearthstone; it’s more like an extended event. We want Twist to feel fun and fresh, rather something that quickly fades to background noise. We’ll do repeats or updates when we think they fit into that overall goal, but not as the default.

For instance, later in the year, we’ll be revisiting Wonders and the Caverns of Time set for two seasons. We’re hoping that bringing back Wonders and Caverns of Time will give players another chance to try out the cards from that set, or to enjoy them for the first time if they missed out on last year’s fun.

Once those two seasons have wrapped, Twist will be dark again through the end of the year. We’ll give you more updates on upcoming Twist seasons closer to when they go live. For now, we hope you enjoy Whizbang’s Heroes. The fun starts on June 1—we'll see you there!

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