Welcome to the Players' Tavern

Welcome to the Players' Tavern

Welcome to the Players' Tavern!

Here, we'll highlight some features to help new and returning players quickly jump into the game.

Pull up a seat by the hearth, and let’s start!

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Summer 2023 Expansion


The latest expansion, TITANS, introduced 2 new keywords, "Titan" and "Forge", and brought back the fan-favourite keyword "Magnetic".

TITAN: Titans are god-like minions with the "Titan" keyword. Titans have three powerful abilities that they use instead of their first three attacks, opening the way for a strategic and impactful game the longer your minion remains on the board. Choose carefully, as each ability can only be used once. After all three abilities are used, your Titan can attack normally.

Each class has its own Titan; below is an example of the Priest class Titan, Aman'thul, who's able to provide a powerful swing turn or additional resources to out-value your opponents.

FORGE: For two mana, cards with Forge can be moved over to your deck area and replaced with an improved “Forged” version.

Below is an example of a Death Knight Forge card, Eulogizer. Both minions and spells can have this keyword, supporting many different strategies.

MAGNETIC: Minions with Magnetic can be attached to Mechs in play, combining their stats and effects! Play your Magnetic minion directly to the left of a Mech to fuse them together, or play your Magnetic minion anywhere else to play it as a normal miniony.

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Sharing and Importing a Deck


You can share the decks you create and import the ones created by other players using a built-in feature that allows decks to be easily shared using a deck code.

Copying a Deck

If your deck is already full, when you select the Hero portrait at the top of a deck in your collection, you’ll see a Copy button.


Press that button and your decklist will be copied to your clipboard. If you past your decklist into a text document, at the bottom of the decklist you will see a string of letters, numbers, and symbols. That is the deck code.


Importing a Deck


Let's say you've and found a fellow Hearthstone player sharing their deck on social media - for this purpose, we'll use a deck shared by JambreHS: his "Criminal Lineup Shaman". Instead of dragging each card from your collection to your deck, you can copy the provided deck code and take that to Hearthstone.

When you go to create the new deck in your Collection, Hearthstone will detect that you’ve got a valid decklist on your clipboard, and you’ll be asked if you’d like to create a new deck with the one you’ve copied.

Any cards you don’t own will appear insubstantial (blue-grey). If you don't want to craft the missing cards right away, you can select them for suggested replacements, like in the image below. This is also a great opportunity to add a personal twist to a deck idea!

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Budget Decks


"Low Cost Decks" can be very helpful when the supply of Arcane Dust is running low and you need a strong deck to start with. These decks rely on cards with a lower cost and are ideal to approach the game while you're building your own collection. A few examples below - you'll find the deck code in each video's description!

  • [English] Budget Silver Hand Paladin by Old Guardian - an easy deck to play all the way up to Legend!
  • [English] Budget Face Hunter - Old Guardian rarely misses an opportunity to get more decks for less; if Paladin is not your thing, you can't help but enjoy this aggressive Hunter deck!
  • [French] A selection of budget decks by Fishou, for those that want to have even more options and adapt them to their own unique play styles!
More interesting decks for everyone!
  • [English] It is all about control for BabyBear, thus she stands by this TITANS Death Knight
  • [Italian] SilentNick swears by his Egg Paladin, able to challenge the most fearsome decks currently available - give it a try and let him know if it worked for you!
  • [Spanish] Feelink puts the FUN above everything, sharing his best gaming advice with his viewers 3 Consejos sobre qué Mazos jugar (y Mazos Meta)

Grab a deck and hop in, the Tavern is waiting!

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