The Tavern Overflows at BlizzCon!

The Tavern Overflows at BlizzCon!

Hearthstone’s going big this BlizzCon with card reveals, new Catch-Up Packs, a new way to play Battlegrounds, and more! Grab a friend and head to the show floor; you’re not going to want to miss this!

Showdown in the Badlands Cinematic Trailer and Card Reveals

Yee-haw! It’s finally high noon. Time to fire off the Showdown in the Badlands Cinematic Trailer! Join Elise and Reno as these two Legendary Outlaws take on the dastardly Bloodrock Mining Company and form a friendship to last them a lifetime.

Showdown in the Badlands launches on November 14! Pre-purchase bundles are still available, and are now even tastier than before, with the addition of new Catch-Up Packs (discussed next)!

Mega Pre-Purchase Bundle Pre-Purchase Bundle
Showdown in the Badlands Packs 80 60
Golden Showdown in the Badlands Packs 10 -
Random Signature Badlands Legendary Cards 1 -
Random Badlands Golden Legendary Cards 1 -
Random Badlands Regular Legendary Cards -
Ulfar Card Back Yes Yes
Ulfar Druid Hero Skin Yes No
(NEW!) Badlands Catch-Up Packs 20 10

Don’t miss the “Hearthstone What’s Next” panel for our final card reveals, including the Signature Legendary that’s included as part of your in-person ticket or the Legendary BlizzCon Collection. If you haven’t already, you can login now to ride into the next expansion in style with your free Thunderbringer preview card! See the 27.6 Patch Notes for details and the official Card Library for all cards revealed so far.

New Catch-Up Packs for All

Whether you’re new to Hearthstone or returning after a break, there’s never been a better time to jump right in! Catch-Up Packs are a new kind of pack, designed to catch you up to the newest expansion. You can get up to 50 cards in each Catch-Up Pack if you have a small Standard collection!

Catch-Up Packs will be available to open with the expansion, on November 14. Everybody attending BlizzCon, or with either BlizzCon collection, will get 3 Catch-Up Packs added to their BlizzCon goodies! Tons of Catch-Up Packs have also been added to the Showdown in the Badlands Pre-Purchase Bundles! You’ll also be able to get Catch-Up Packs in-game, with a free login reward, event quests, and more. You can learn all about Catch-Up Packs in our dedicated Catch-Up Packs Blog.

Grab a Friend and Play Battlegrounds Duos

This BlizzCon, we’re also sharing a new way to play Battlegrounds with a friend: Battlegrounds Duos! Duos is a tag-team fight, where you and a friend share a life total, pass each other cards, and team up to take on your opponents. We’re launching duos next year, but you can learn more about Battlegrounds Duos at the Hearthstone What’s Next Panel. Or, better yet, you can play it at BlizzCon! Head to the Warcraft Tavern to try out our Battlegrounds Duos Demo right now! Bring a friend to be your Duos partner or meet someone in line—everyone’s welcome in the Tavern.

We'd love your feedback as we continue to prepare Duos for its launch. Check back for a dedicated Battlegrounds Duos explainer blog after the Hearthstone What’s Next panel, and for more updates closer to the official launch next year.

Free Warcraft Rumble Card Back

Are you ready to Rumble?! Warcraft Rumble, the newest addition to the Warcraft family, is now live in all regions! This is your chance to join in the launch festivities. From now to November *13, download Warcraft Rumble and defeat Hogger to unlock this exclusive arclight-infused card back in Hearthstone!

* This offer has been updated! It is no longer ending on November 13 and now has no scheduled end date.

Don’t Miss Any of the BlizzCon Action

BlizzCon’s just getting started! Make sure you swing by the Warcraft Tavern for the Battlegrounds Duos demo, signings, duel-a-dev, and more! Then, join us for the Hearthstone What’s Next Panel at 4:30 p.m. (PDT) where we’ll reveal a bunch of cards, including the mystery Signature Legendary card included in the Legendary BlizzCon Collection, and talk more about Showdown in the Badlands and Battlegrounds Duos. Remember, if you’re not joining us in person this year, you can watch all BlizzCon panels for free on Blizzard’s Youtube channels or on Twitch--and you can still pick up your BlizzCon Collection to get the BlizzCon goodies (including those revealed today)!

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