Announcing Showdown in the Badlands, Hearthstone’s Next Expansion!

Announcing Showdown in the Badlands, Hearthstone’s Next Expansion!

Showdown in the Badlands
Hearthstone’s Newest Expansion

The Bloodrock Mining Company found powerful Azerite in the Badlands. They’re digging deep and bleeding the land dry, disrupting the Badlands and awakening slumbering elementals! Now mysterious outlaws are riding into town to set things right. Tumbleweeds roll by and high noon looms. Grab your horse and your hat, it’s nearly time for a Showdown in the Badlands!

Showdown in the Badlands launches worldwide on November 14, with 145 rootin’ tootin’ new cards! You can find the full Showdown in the Badlands reveal schedule, and all the cards that have already been revealed, by visiting the official Card Library. Check back frequently—the page will be updated with new cards daily. And make sure you check out Hearthstone at BlizzCon, where we’ll be showing the Showdown in the Badlands Cinematic Trailer and more!

A Crooked Lawman Faces Noble Outlaws

The Bloodrock Mining Company’s operation is run by none other than the corrupt Sheriff Barrelbrim! Sheriff Barrelbrim is as greedy as his hat is tall, so he’s not halting the mining for something as silly as health and safety. He’s coerced, cajoled, and conscripted the townsfolk into working the mines; and he has a special spot in the Badlands Jail for anyone who stands in his way.

But an unexpected band of noble outlaws has come together to take him on! Each of these gunslingers is used to working on their lonesome, so they have special effects if your deck has no duplicates. Demon Hunter, Druid, Hunter, Paladin, Priest, and Shaman each have one of these Legendary Outlaws, and they’re led by Elise, Badlands Savior!

This here story takes place before Elise joined the League of Explorers, so they won’t be joining her in this rodeo, but who knows who she might meet on this adventure.

New Keyword: Quickdraw

To win a Wild West Showdown, you’ve got to be quick on the draw! Cards with the new Quickdraw keyword get a special bonus if they’re played the turn they enter your hand. Fire your cards off as soon as you draw them for maximum effect!

New Keyword: Excavate

What’s the Bloodrock Mining Company after, anyway? Why, Treasures, of course! Cards with the new Excavate keyword give you a Treasure when played. Each time you Excavate, you get a Treasure from the tier you’re on, and then you progress to the next tier, so the further you dig into the mine, the bigger and rarer your treasure gets. Talk about paydirt!

So, the first time you Excavate, you get one of five 1-mana Common Treasures. The next time you Excavate, you get one of five 2-mana Rare Treasures. Then one of five 3-mana Epic Treasures. Once you tap out your mine, you start your excavation over at Common in a new vein! In total, there are 15 Neutral Excavation Treasures that all classes can dig up: five at each rarity.

Five classes are working with the Bloodrock Mining Company: Death Knight, Mage, Rogue, Warlock, and Warrior. These expert miners are able to get even deeper in their Excavations. Each of these classes has a class-specific 4-mana Legendary Excavate Treasure that they get when they Excavate for the fourth time. Eureka!

The Excavate Treasures have rarities so you know how far you are into the mine, but none of these cards are collectible cards in the set—they can only be obtained through Excavation. You can also find these Excavation Treasures through the “related cards” functionality in the official Card Library. The remaining Legendary Excavate Treasures will be revealed during reveal season.

Thunderbringer Login Reward Available Now!

It’s almost time to ride off into the Showdown in the Badlands! But first, you need a good horse. Login now to get the Legendary minion, Thunderbringer!* This majestic Elemental Beast has a Deathrattle that summons an Elemental and a Beast from your deck. Fill your stable with powerful targets and make your opponents pony up! Yee-haw!

* Limited one per account. After Patch 28.6, Thunderbringer will be granted upon opening your first Showdown in the Badlands pack, instead of upon logging in.

Pre-Purchase Showdown in the Badlands Now!

The Showdown in the Badlands Mega Bundle includes 80 Showdown in the Badlands card packs, 10 Golden Showdown in the Badlands card packs, 1 random Showdown in the Badlands Signature Legendary card, 1 random Showdown in the Badlands Golden Legendary card, the Ulfar Druid Hero Skin, and the Ulfar card back!

The Showdown in the Badlands Bundle includes 60 Showdown in the Badlands card packs, 2 random Showdown in the Badlands Legendary cards, and the Ulfar card back!

Pre-Purchase bundles will only be available until the launch of Showdown in the Badlands, on November 14. Don’t miss your chance to wrangle these deals!


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