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Hell Welcomes All: Celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Hell Welcomes All: Celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day

The land of Sanctuary and the Burning Hells is one that many players around the world call home. With this in mind, throughout development on Diablo IV, we have strived to ensure that the game is a space designed for anyone and everyone to experience.

As part of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, the development team recently sat down to chat with members of the community to talk about how accessibility has been a core part of Diablo’s development, and how the team has integrated constructive feedback throughout. Learn more in the video below.

For more information on the features discussed in the above video, you can check out our accessibility features blog. As we welcome more and more players into the depths of Hell and across Sanctuary, we urge players to sign up for our accessibility survey to provide direct feedback with any ideas or constructive notes they might have. With your help, we’ll continue to redefine what accessibility looks like in the Diablo universe and beyond.

Thank you for slaying demons with us.
-The Diablo IV Team

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