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Multiplayer Maps: Three Brand New Core 6v6 Maps

Multiplayer Maps: Three Brand New Core 6v6 Maps

Continuing the promise to deliver “over 12 all-new Core 6v6 Maps in our seasons,” Season 4 features three brand new maps offering diverse combat areas, as well as a Das Haus Vortex variant that’s certain to Gross you out....

Tokyo (Launch)

Brand-New, Core, 6v6, Medium-Sized


Experience Tokyo nightlife in this mid-sized Multiplayer map featuring late night shopping, entertainment, and accommodations for the weary traveler. Battle for the map’s major power positions, the Hotel and Manga buildings facing one another over the main road. Except for these two locations, the fight stays on ground level.

Close-ranged Loadouts excel in the Arcade and Center Courtyard along the top of the map where kiosks and a sitting area obstruct views across the lane. Areas like the Hotel and Metro Station make for strong defensive points when battling on the far ends of the map. Use them to withstand enemy attacks until it’s safe to move forward again.

Paris (Launch)

Brand-New, Core, 6v6, Medium-Sized


Head to the City of Lights for a rendezvous with the enemy, fighting across this mid-sized map dominated by the central Police Station and Gallery. Navigate the surrounding streets to remain on ground level or take the battle to either of the two main buildings. Don’t underestimate the map’s smaller interior spaces, the Bookstore and Shop. These areas provide overhead cover in a pinch and are generally less conspicuous than the large center buildings.

Fight around an L-shaped cubicle in the Police Station’s main office or swing through the cell block and lobby. The Gallery presents a tighter layout with exhibits branching off into separate hallways. There has been some kind of break in, marked by a blast in the Police Station wall by the cell block and another leading into the Gallery. Ambulances and police cars provide much needed cover when moving on the roads.

Incline (Mid-Season)

Brand-New, Core, 6v6, Medium Sized


Deploy to an isolated research outpost in the mountains of Urzikstan on this mid-sized snow map based in and around the main transport facility. Climb up on the red container or the low roof along the top path to get over your enemies and use objects places around the main facility to climb up into the building.

Access the funicular’s lower carriage for a vantage point over the bottom lane. Be careful not to slip down the mountainside when exiting the carriage. Generally, mid-ranged Loadouts will perform best along the outer perimeter while close-ranged weapons reign in the interior locations (the main facility plus the smaller buildings near each starting spawn).

Das Gross (Mid-Season)

New (Variant), Core, 6v6, Small-Sized


An ominous orange mist hangs in the air. Revolting preternatural tendrils and flapping tentacles have enveloped the high-rise construction site formerly known as Das Haus, snaking into every corner and transforming it into a nightmarish alien madness. Look for Das Gross to be added to the Vortex map Playlist.

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