Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Season 4 BlackCell, Battle Pass, and Bundles

Season 4 BlackCell, Battle Pass, and Bundles

Plague Strikes in the Season 4 Battle Pass!

The situation on the field grows more dire; Operators must prepare to face off against the most hazardous of threats. Gear up for the battles ahead with the Season 4 Battle Pass, BlackCell, and Store content arriving in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® III, Call of Duty: Warzone™, and Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile.

The Season 4 Battle Pass introduces over 100 rewards, including new Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, base weapons, and more. Purchase the premium Battle Pass to earn up to 1,400 COD Points as you progress through the Sectors, or purchase BlackCell for the ultimate seasonal experience including a variety of masked Operator Skins, plague-infused Weapon Blueprints, CP, and other exclusive rewards.

Continue for a detailed overview of all the epic content arriving in Season 4, starting with BlackCell’s premium offering.

BlackCell Season 4


Season 4’s BlackCell content brings the infected to the fore with Operator Skins emanating wisps of ectoplasm from their gear and a green vapor spewing from their mask. Also discover the chemical agent in BlackCell Weapon Blueprints found throughout the Battle Pass.


The Battle Pass: Upgrade to BlackCell for full access to the Season 4 Battle Pass along with 1,100 CP, 7 Tracer Weapon Blueprints, 12 animated Operator Skins, and 20 Battle Token Tier Skips. The premium Battle Pass includes up to 1,400 COD Points within 100 Tiers of unlockable content from Battle Pass progress.

BlackCell Sector: Overview


Drop into the Battle Pass AO at an alternative starting location by accessing the exclusive BlackCell Sector. Unlock this Sector to immediately receive 1,100 COD Points, a 1 Hour Double Weapon XP Token, the “Dupe” and “Copy” BlackCell Operators, and the following:


Decimate your foes with the animated “Ailed Caress BlackCell” Holger 556 Weapon Blueprint with Cellular Corruption Tracers and the “Necrosis” Death Effect. The weapon comes equipped with the JAK Backsaw Kit Aftermarket Part granting a high-capacity drum magazine emitting clouds of green vapor and a double barrel for inflicting maximum damage.

Players who purchase BlackCell will also immediately unlock the new “Identity Theft” Finishing Move, made exclusively for the Dupe and Copy Operators. When activated, the Operator will steal and equip their target’s Operator Skin. The effect remains active until you’re eliminated.

Other BlackCell items are spread throughout the Season 4 Battle Pass. These include 10 alternate BlackCell Operator Skins and 6 animated Weapon Blueprints.

BlackCell Operator Skins confirmed: Hammer, Soap (x2), Hush, Ripper, Jet, Pathfinder, Nolan, Void, and Alpine.

Players who upgrade to BlackCell after purchasing the Battle Pass will also receive 1,100 COD Points back.

Transform with BlackCell’s Dupe and Copy


Draped in black, face unseen but for two glowing green eyes, the hooded specters Dupe (SpecGru) and Copy (KorTac) resemble petrified death. A black mist rises from their bodies, tubes of green fluid running up under their cowls. The Operators’ unique power is revealed when using the “Identity Theft” Finishing Move, temporarily granting them the look of their victims.

Dupe and Copy arrive with a cadre of infected BlackCell Operators built to survive in the harshest environments while pursuing their next target.

Purchase the Battle Pass: Instantly Unlock Nautilus, Hammer

Whether you purchase the BlackCell offering or the standard Battle Pass for 1,100 COD Points, the Instant Reward Sector becomes available, including a new Skin for Soap along with the brand-new Hammer Operator.

Nautilus (SpecGru, Battle Pass Instant Reward)


Soap prepares for aquatic maneuvers with the “Nautilus” Operator Skin, equipped with state-of-the-art diving technology and a tactical uniform maximizing mobility and defense.

BlackCell Owners: Unlock the “Nautilus BlackCell” version of this Operator Skin, featuring Soap in a closed mask filled with animated gas, eyes green with infection.

Hammer (KorTac, Battle Pass Instant Reward)


The new Hammer Operator joins the fight on the side of KorTac, a Brazilian whose callsign honors his childhood dog. Hammer forgoes wearing his mask in this base Operator Skin, preferring a headset and 5 o’clock shadow.

BlackCell Owners: Get the “Hammer BlackCell” alternate Skin for a flashier gold and black look, his face mask zipped on tight spewing green fumes out the front.


The Instant Reward Sector also grants you a 10% Battle Pass boost, the ”Hexocore” Weapon Blueprint for the BP50 Assault Rifle featuring the JAK Revenger Kit Aftermarket Part, and the “Bone Snapper” Operator Finishing Move.

Additional Battle Pass Skins

Complete the Battle Pass Sectors to unlock a variety of new Operator Skins, all of which are paired with an animated BlackCell alternate Skin featuring infected Operators:

“Hazardous Materials” Skins (Operator Skin, Hush, Sector 3)


Battle Pass Skin: Hush prepares for worst-case scenarios with a tactical kit built to sustain a safe environment for the wearer within, along with a backpack and heavy cutters to keep moving through barriers.

BlackCell Additional Skin: Trade the brown suit for black and gold alongside a fuming gas mask in the season’s signature BlackCell look.

“Filth” Skins (Operator Skin, Ripper, Sector 4)


Battle Pass Skin: Bright tendrils crawl up Ripper’s forearms over tattoos in this outfit optimized for mobility and warm-weather combat scenarios.

BlackCell Additional Skin: Ripper trades in her earth tones for sleek black tactical gear, the tattoos and tendrils on her arms taking on a brighter hue.

“Chemtrail” Skins (Operator Skin, Jet, Sector 8)


Battle Pass Skin: Jet is a go to provide air support in this Mil-Sim digital camo uniform and flight gear that’s ready for takeoff.

BlackCell Additional Skin: The pilot takes on a more daunting appearance with a jet-black flight uniform and glowing eyes peering out from within the gaseous helmet.

“Detritus” Skins (Operator Skin, Pathfinder, Sector 10)


Battle Pass Skin: Pathfinder isn’t taking any chances in this thick white hazmat suit and mask. Nothing’s breaking through this layer of protection.

BlackCell Additional Skin: Trade white for black in a suit designed not to keep the hazardous agent out but sealed within.

“Iron Lung” Skins (Operator Skin, Nolan, Sector 13)


Battle Pass Skin: With his cape draped over a thick military jacket and equipped with fully enclosed mask, Nolan prepares for battle in cold, hostile environments.

BlackCell Additional Skin: Sport black winter gear with gold accents and the season’s vaporous mask animation.

“Void” Skins (Operator Skin, Void, Sector 16)


Battle Pass Skin: The new Void Operator joins battle, a fierce female Operator with short blonde hair and heavy armor.

BlackCell Additional Skin: The infected version of Void takes things up a notch with additional gear at her side and the look of one possessed by the hunt.

“Personal Growth” Skins (Operator Skin, Alpine, Sector 18)


Battle Pass Skin: There’s no going back with the infection in full swing on this Operator Skin sprouting new life from her mask and gear.

BlackCell Additional Skin: The growth takes on a black and gold tainted look, a more threatening evolution emboldened by the vapors that constantly feed it.

Get one more Operator Skin with a BlackCell variant once you finish the Battle Pass and unlock the Completion Sector (detailed below).

New Functional Weapons

Unlock two new functional weapons in Sectors 5 and 6:

Marksman Rifle (Sector 5, HVT, Free)


This modernized version of a WWII bolt-action rifle is powerful and accurate. High damage output with a slow rate of fire.

The classic rifle returns, inflicting massive damage on impact with one-shot eliminations to the chest and above on unarmored targets in effective range. Learn the rhythms of its firing speed to maximize your attack rate while evading damage during re-chambering. Use Gunsmith to customize its handling, damage output, and other features.

Superi 46 SMG (Sector 6, HVT, Free)


This pistol-caliber carbine chambered in 4.6x30mm is designed to give impressive stopping power with a skeletonized, lightweight frame. Exceptionally adaptable, this weapon can be modified to excel in most combat scenarios.

Highly customizable and supported with a rapid reload animation, the Superi 46 SMG is ideal for tinkerers who prefer fighting up close. The weapon’s reliable accuracy and lightweight frame give it a strong base to build upon, whether you push for more speed or focus on improved recoil and range.

New Weapon Blueprints


Earn up to 20 Weapon Blueprints featured in the Season 4 Battle Pass alongside new Calling Cards, Emblems, Weapon Stickers, Decals, Finishing Moves, XP Tokens, COD Points, a Charm, and Zombies Acquisitions (including Aether Tools, Aetherium Crystals, and a Ray Gun Weapon Case).

Weapon Blueprints

The Season 4 Battle Pass Weapon Blueprints come in three main themes, from the scientific to the high-tech and the hazardous:

BMRI Models


Sector 1: “Brutal Matters” BAL-27 Assault Rifle*

Sector 3: “Cork and Screw” COR-45 Handgun

Sector 10: “Isotope Breakdown” Marksman Rifle

Sector 12: “Bio Triage” MTZ-556 Assault Rifle*

This series of Weapon Blueprints are branded with the Biochemical Matter Radioactive Imagery (BMRI) label, stamped on high-quality models painted black and olive green.

Xeno Corp Hex


Instant Sector: “Hexocore” BP50 Assault Rifle

Sector 2: “Tri-Hex” Gladiator Melee

Sector 8: “Hexed Cruelty” Renetti Handgun

Sector 13: “Structural Morality” Longbow Sniper Rifle

Sector 17: “Nanometer” FJX Horus SMG*

Sector 19: “Betalock” Rival-9 SMG

Sector 20: “Cognizant Rebel” Superi 46*

Wield weapon models imbued with a repeating hex design in either yellow and black or blue and black.

Hazardous Growth


Sector 4: “Microbial Vandal” Riveter Shotgun

Sector 9: “Leeched Poison” MORS Sniper Rifle

Sector 11: “Cellular Collapse” TAQ Eradicator LMG and “Poisoned Caress” AMR9 SMG*

Sector 14: “Cell Eater” Bruen MK9 LMG

Sector 15: “Chem Threat” Marksman Rifle*

Sector 16: “Fungal Pattern” Sidewinder Battle Rifle

Sector 18: “Genetic Abnormality” MTZ-762 Battle Rifle

Completion Sector: “All in Vein” DG-56 Assault Rifle

Weapon Blueprints in this category display a biological finish in patterns of green and black reminiscent of a living hazard.

[* Denotes a Weapon Blueprint with a BlackCell variant, detailed below]

Weapons with Additional BlackCell Blueprints

Six of the season’s Battle Pass Weapon Blueprints feature a BlackCell variant in the same tier. These alternate versions display a rich black and gold look embedded with what appears to be the same chemical agent powering Season 4’s BlackCell Operators.

Brutal Matters — BAL-27 Assault Rifle (Sector 1, BlackCell Alternate Option)

BlackCell variant comes with Cellular Corruption Tracers and “Necrosis” Death Effect.


This BMRI imprinted Blueprint conducts low profile attacks using a suppressor attachment along with a heavy-duty barrel that greatly boosts bullet velocity and range. The BlackCell variant fits a chemical agent along the top of the frame and behind the rear grip.

Poisoned Caress — AMR9 SMG (Sector 11, BlackCell Alternate Option)

BlackCell variant comes with Cellular Corruption Tracers and “Necrosis” Death Effect.


Using the JAK Atlas Kit Aftermarket Part, this Blueprint transforms the AMR9 into a 5-round burst carbine chambered in 5.56 with a muzzle that reduces the weapon’s vertical recoil to help you stay on target during burst fire. Equip its black and gold BlackCell variant with green highlights by the barrel.

Bio Triage — MTZ-556 Assault Rifle (Sector 12, BlackCell Alternate Option)

BlackCell variant comes with Cellular Corruption Tracers and “Necrosis” Death Effect.


Keep your sights up and on target with this Blueprint focused on a faster walking speed and other movement bonuses to stay light on your feet during encounters. Its BlackCell version includes a green magazine animated with the chemical agent.

Chem Threat — Marksman Rifle (Sector 15, BlackCell Alternate Option)

BlackCell variant comes with Cellular Corruption Tracers and “Necrosis” Death Effect.


This Weapon Blueprint based on the new Season 4 Marksman Rifle favors stealthy, aggressive play with improvements to aim down sights and aim walking speed paired with a 2.5x optic for zeroing in on mid-ranged targets. In a pinch, its improved hip fire and Tac Stance spread attributes will help repel nearby enemies. Pick the BlackCell variant for a gilded look.

Nanometer — FJX Horus SMG (Sector 17, BlackCell Alternate Option)

BlackCell variant comes with Cellular Corruption Tracers and “Necrosis” Death Effect.


Featuring muzzle flash concealment and multiple attachments that improve the weapon’s recoil and gun kick control, this Blueprint offers a stable firing platform to keep you on target during frenetic battles. Opt for the BlackCell variant with a glowing green barrel and animated magazine.

Cognizant Rebel — Superi 46 SMG (Sector 20, BlackCell Alternate Option)

BlackCell variant comes with Cellular Corruption Tracers and “Necrosis” Death Effect.


Based on the new Season 4 SMG and geared for precision fire, this Weapon Blueprint features improved recoil control and a 40-round magazine to minimize your downtime when facing multiple opponents. The extended mag features a green animation in its BlackCell variant, with additional signs of the chemical agent along the barrel.

Complete the Battle Pass for Completion Sector Tier 100 Rewards

Complete 100% of the map by conquering all Sectors to access the final Completion Sector, featuring 300 COD Points to spend toward your next Battle Pass or Store Bundle purchase, plus the “All in Vein” DG-56 Assault Rifle Weapon Blueprint and the following Operator Skin:

“Gilded Virus” Skin for Soap


Something’s wrong with Soap. The elite Operator’s eyes glow red over a deeply scarred face emitting blue flames over the head. The sleeves of his uniform are pushed up, revealing forearms of an unnatural hue. Of all the infected Operators this season, this one rules them all.

BlackCell Additional Skin: Soap’s mask is up in the BlackCell version, yellow flames rising from his head. The veins in his forearms glow and he’s swapped the gray digital camo pattern for black with gold accents.

Store Highlights: Mobile Suit Gundam, Ultra Skins and More

Keep your eyes on the Store throughout the season as new and returning Bundles arrive, including a trio of Bundles celebrating the 45th anniversary of the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise. Here are some of the highlights on the way:

Three Mobile Suit Gundam-themed Bundles

Call of Duty and Mobile Suit Gundam are teaming up to introduce three unique Bundles featuring Operators in iconic Mobile Suits from the long history of Gundam series. In celebration of the animation and model kit franchise’s 45th anniversary, these Bundles are packed with Gundam-themed items.


The “Tracer Pack: Mobile Suit – RX-78-2 Gundam” Bundle includes the “RX-78-2 Gundam” Operator Skin — the legendary mobile suit that started it all — plus three Blueprints, two Charms, Loading Screen, Emblem, two Weapon Stickers, Large Decal, an animated Calling Card, and the “Newtype Finisher” Finishing Move.


The “Tracer Pack: Mobile Suit – MS-06S Zaku II” offers a commander type mobile suit in the form of the “MS-06S Zaku II” Operator Skin, accompanied by three Blueprints, a Charm, Loading Screen, Large Decal, two Weapon Stickers, Emblem, an animated Calling Card, and the “Searing Slash” Finishing Move.


The “Tracer Pack: Mobile Suit – XVX-016 Gundam Aerial” Bundle comes with the high-performance “XVX-016 Gundam Aerial” Operator Skin, three Blueprints, three Charms, two Large Decals, Emblem, three Weapon Stickers, three Loading Screens, and an animated Calling Card.

Tracer Pack: Kinetic Ultra Skin


Move with power using the high-tech “Kinesis” Operator Skin for Bantam which produces a wake of glowing tendrils when in motion. Eliminate enemies up close with the futuristic and animated “Nanophotonic” RAM-9 SMG or fire from a distance using the “Etheric Regress” Bruen MK9 LMG; both Weapon Blueprints fire Vectorwave Tracers.

Amp up to victory with the “Fast-Paced” Large Decal, “Free Jump” Weapon Sticker, “Victory Lap” Charm, and a 1 Hour Double Battle Pass XP Token.

Tracer Pack: Emoting Ultra Skin


Wear your heart on your sleeves with this Bundle featuring four emotive-themed Operator Skins: Flash a wide grin and wild eyes with the “Cursed” Skin, head six feet under with the “Dead Inside and Out” Skin, stick out your tongue with the “Tongue Out, Guns Out” Skin, and when you’re really on a roll, deploy as the “Seeing Stars” Skin.

Express yourself with two Weapon Blueprints featuring the “Emotional Wreck” Tracers and “[Insert Emoji]” Death Effect, the “Laugh, Cry, Die” SVA 545 Assault Rifle and the “Looks that Kill” Lockwood MK2 Marksman Rifle. The Bundle also includes a Large Decal and Loading Screen plus two Legendary Aether Tools for use in Zombies.

Wildlife Wanted: Bite Me


Embrace your inner bat with this wildlife Bundle offering four bat-themed Operator Skins: the white “Com-Bat Baby” Skin, the pink “Night Shift” Skin, the black “Winging It” Skin, and the blue “Bat-itude” Skin.

For the hunt, equip the “Bat-ter Up” Pulemyot LMG, a Reactive Blueprint that swaps colors as you land eliminations. In close quarters, use the “Moral Highroad” WSP Swarm SMG. This Bundle also includes the “Moonlit Mischief” Large Decal, “Batty” Weapon Sticker, and “The Lovers” Weapon Charm.

Tournament Favourites


Represent your favorite international football team with this Bundle offering three Operator Skins for Gaz: represent England with the “’AVE IT” Skin, France with the “Cocorico” Skin, and Germany with the “Elfmeter Meister” Skin. Hit the field with the “Number 9” MCW Assault Rifle and “The Assist” WSP Stinger Weapon Blueprints designed to keep enemies on their backfoot.

Show your love for the sport with the “Football” Emblem plus the “Tournament Favourites” Loading Screen and the “He Shoots!” Calling Card.

Custom Molded Ultra Skin Pro Pack


Like the Roman god Janus, The “Polymer Ruin” Ultra Skin for Warden features three faces. This terrifying visage, however, forgoes past, present, and future for the mantra of slay, assist, and secure. Take the molded devil into battle with the two animated Weapon Blueprints featuring “PolyShard” Tracers: the “Gloss Cannon” KVD Enforcer Marksman Rifle and the “Glossed Over” FJX Horus SMG.

Instill fear in your opponents with the “Red Moon Rises” Large Decal, the “Masked Victor” Emblem, the “What Needs to Be Done” Weapon Sticker, and the “Custom Molded” Loading Screen. To top it off, the Bundle includes a massive 2400 COD Points payout to put toward your next Battle Pass or Bundle purchase!

Plus, Join the Supes as The Boys Bundles return! Look for all five The Boys Bundles return to the Store in Season 4. Each Tracer Pack features a different Operator from the hit TV show, including Black Noir, A-Train, Firecracker, Homelander, and Starlight.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile-Exclusive Season 4 Content


Though Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile (WZM) shares much of its content with Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare III, players can purchase Call of Duty: WZM Original items from the Keep using Call of Duty: WZM COD Points. Look for several new Keeps arriving in Season 4, including the following:

(Infectious Remedy Keep Key Art)

Infectious Remedy Keep

Feel the burn with the Warden — Plague Raptor Operator Skin and the Chimera — Infectious Remedy Weapon Blueprint featuring acidic effects!

(Dungeon Crawler Keep Key Art)
Dungeon Crawler Keep

Flame your foes with the Raptor — Draco Operator Skin and the ISO Hemlock — Dungeon Crawler Weapon Blueprint with fiery effects!

Watch out for extra Warzone Mobile Battle Pass rewards, too, including original Weapon Blueprints, Vehicle Skins, and other cosmetic items that play into the season’s infectious theme!

Upgrade to Modern Warfare III

Modern Warfare III celebrates the 20th anniversary of Call of Duty with one of the greatest collections of Multiplayer maps ever assembled, including modernized versions of all 16 launch maps from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009), plus the introduction of an all-new open-world Zombies and a Campaign that finds Task Force 141 facing off against the ultimate threat in Vladimir Makarov.

Stay frosty.

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