Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Two Core 6v6 Maps: Grime, Checkpoint

Two Core 6v6 Maps: Grime, Checkpoint

Grime [6v6]

Brand-New, Core, 6v6, Medium-Sized


Navigate an abandoned corner of London as you weave through Grime’s dockside district, a graffiti-laden hub featuring the remnants of the once lively SKN Comms building beside the Captain’s Dog pub and the now-defunct boat house. Swim through the murky waters of the canal and battle along the docks. Surviving this derelict urban location will require smart use of the map’s chokepoints and a penchant for dirty tactics.

For an interactive Tac-Map and full guide to Grime, click here.

Checkpoint (6v6)

New [Repurposed], Core, 6v6, Medium-Sized


With Rebirth Island out in the wild, there’s a good chance that you’ve already engaged in combat in the original version of this area based on the island’s Stronghold POI. This modified Multiplayer variant, known as Checkpoint, keeps the fight focused in and around the main buildings of the military comms outpost in a modified version of the map where the upper walkways and control tower are sealed off, emphasizing combat on the ground. Battle within the armory and garage or take on foes in the forward construction site and rear roundabout.

For an interactive Tac-Map and full guide to Checkpoint, click here.

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