Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II


  • Rescue Dr. Jansen. In the next Story Mission, Operators join Ravenov in a rescue mission to retrieve Dr. Ava Jansen after she was lured into a Dark Aether Rift.
  • Earn New Schematics. Acquire up to three new schematics to aid you in your future deployments to the Exclusion Zone.
  • Face Warlord Rainmaker. Seek out the new Warlord in their fortress on Rahaa Island. Be prepared for explosive combat against this demolitions expert.

The Next Chapter: Saving Dr. Jansen


A new anomaly strikes the Exclusion Zone as the third Dark Aether Rift appears. Dr. Jansen has been lured through its portal, and the members of Operation Deadbolt must now conduct a rescue mission with Ravenov’s help to get her back before it’s too late. Prepare to face off against a horde of foes in this mid-season Story Mission, including a new Disciple variant that will put your squad’s slaying skills to the test.

Seek out and attune the required relics after completing the Story Mission to re-open the Dark Aether Rift for subsequent runs. Complete the objectives within to acquire new powerful schematics.

New Schematics


Dead Wire Detonators: Electrify your blasts for massive damage using the Dead Wire Detonators, adding the Dead Wire Ammo Mod effect to all of your explosive armaments, including Lethals and Launchers. This is sure to come in handy when facing off against the Dark Aether Rift’s new Disciple variant.

Golden Mask Filter: Forget the constant search for a functioning gas mask when approaching strongholds and other areas where gas threatens to suffocate incoming Operators. Attaching the Golden Mask Filter to a gas mask causes its charge to self-regenerate over time. The mask can still break if its charge is fully used up in one go, though the filter will be reapplied to the next one you find.


Sergeant’s Beret: With the undead roaming around, you’ve got enough to worry about before taking Zakhaev’s Mercs into consideration. Don the Sergeant’s Beret to trick the faction into thinking that you’re one of their own. As a bonus, you’ll gain a Merc Bodyguard who fearlessly follows you into the action.

New Warlord: Rainmaker


Challengers of the new Warlord Rainmaker will need to plan their tactics carefully when approaching this artillery and demolitions expert. Find him in his fortress on Rahaa Island in the southeastern Urzikstan Exclusion Zone, where he’s supported by an army that he’s only too willing to expend in pursuit of annihilating Operation Deadbolt.

Expect mortar rounds and RPG fire on approach. Bring reliable transport to breach the fortress combined with long-ranged support to whittle down the enemy forces from afar. Remain cautious after breaching the walls, as the Warlord has set multiple traps to catch unsuspecting Operators. When you get to the Warlord himself, be ready to inflict maximum pain.

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