Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Explore the accessibility options that launched with MWIII

Explore the accessibility options that launched with MWIII

Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® III features many accessibility options for players to customize their experience, no matter the mode they jump into. Familiar options return, such as controller customizations, and graphical adjustments like reducing world and weapon motion blur; Modern Warfare III also introduces a new slate of accessibility options for players to explore.



In Modern Warfare III, players can preview changes made in-game before saving global settings. Settings are now tagged to better identify specific features, such as tags for settings related to motor, vision, audio, and cognitive adjustments that can be made. These tags may also be filtered, so they are easier to find.

Major updates to controller settings in Modern Warfare III provide more detail for players looking to customize their inputs. These changes are also better reflected in the menu to give our community a visual preview of how these changes will impact on their controls. For example, the deadzone inputs menu now highlights an approximation of how left and right thumb sticks will react to tweaking with a visual preview of any adjustments made.

With deadzone input tweaks, Call of Duty fans – including any within the community with motor disabilities – may fine tune how much motor effort and control they have. This assists anyone with limitations in hand movement with more options for a comfortable experience.


Over 40% of players customized Deadzone Inputs in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. By providing a visual representation of changes within the Settings Menu for Modern Warfare III, the aim is to provide more feedback for players looking to tweak their experience.



Turning on high contrast mode will enable players with vision impairment or color blindness to see their allies and enemies more clearly. This mode outlines allies in blue-green and enemies in red and adjusts in real-time.

In Modern Warfare II, over half of our players adjusted graphical accessibility settings such as Motion Blur, Field of View, or Camera Movement. Modern Warfare III provides even more ways to customize the visual experience for all players. High contrast mode is available in campaign mode only.



Modern Warfare III offers a new accessibility preset called “Low Motor Strain” to reduce the physical effort required when playing. When players turn this preset on, fewer button presses or holds are required, and sensitivity is increased.

This preset joins existing presets which include simplified controls, audio/visual support, visual support, and motion reduction), making it faster for anyone who needs accessibility features to jump into the game.

We cannot wait for you to jump in and check out what’s new on the accessibility front.

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