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Life at Blizzard: Global Network Operations Center (GNOC)

Our employees are the heroes behind our heroes. We're excited to share what daily life at Blizzard is all about!

When I began playing Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness as a kid, I never dreamed of working at such an awesome company. Now, as a part of Blizzard's Global Network Operations Center (GNOC) when people ask what game I work on I reply, "All of them!"

The OpsCenter is the Night's Watch of Blizzard's Sanctuary, Azeroth, Nexus or whatever realm you call home. We monitor over 40,000 servers spread across 27 global data centers with millions of players relying on us to keep things running smoothly. We proactively monitor issues and fix them before they impact our players to make sure every experience is EPIC!

My favorite part of the OpsCenter is working with so many super smart people throughout the organization, it gets me hyped to come into work every day. I love that Blizzard encourages us to continually level up via our "Learn & Grow" core value; I'm always looking for new ways to improve not just my own career but that of my coworkers...and the fact I can bring my dog along on the quest to level up is a great added perk.

Kevin, Operations Engineer

Nestled in our main campus, the OpsCenter acts as the first line of defense for all Blizzard games and environments. From granting permission to enable players to do their day-to-day, logging into one of Blizzard's many servers to prevent potential issues to triaging major incedents to get our players back in the action, no task is too large or too small for us in the GNOC. We take great pride in keeping our environments up and resolving issues quickly.

Blizzard is renowned for their culture of collaboration and I've been lucky to get to help at some unbelievable events. I helped set up, incedent manage and tear down the Overwatch World Cup in Santa Monica. I was part of the net squad (best squad!) crew that ran over 9 miles of cable and deployed hundreds of switches/routers all over the Anaheim Convention Center for BlizzCon 2017 and I'm currently helping build out the incedent management process for Overwatch League! (<- I KNOW RIGHT?!) I'm inspired by the passion, creativity and friendliness I'm surrounded by here at work. I absoltely love it here! - 

Matt, Associate Operations Admin

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