Check out One Hell of a Diablo IV Art Gallery

Check out One Hell of a Diablo IV Art Gallery

Following the conclusion of our One Hell of an Art Contest, we’re excited to present some of our favorite submissions from members of the Diablo IV community. Sanctuary exacts a toll from all who brave its unforgiving expanse. Some pay this tax in blood; these artists paid their tribute with pixels.

In an effort to gain early entry to the Diablo IV Open Beta, Twitter’s most intrepid individuals wrangled beasts more fearsome than Hell’s mightiest fiends: their computers’ paint programs. Wielding virtual pencils and paint buckets, each user painstakingly rendered masterworks fit to deck the hallowed halls of the High Heavens.

The Mortal Realm’s scribes have cataloged and compiled each work into a gallery below. Congratulations to everyone who submitted one of these masterpieces; go forth, now, and marvel at them!



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