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Blues News: 9 June, 2023

Blues News: 9 June, 2023

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Here are this week's highlights:

  • Mythic Keystone Issue Resolved: Due to an issue with the Keystones in North America on Tuesday, Mythic+ dungeons were temporarily disabled while being investigated. Once resolved, the Mythic+ dungeons were re-opened.
  • Revival Catalyst is Coming Next Week as Intended: The “Catalyst’s Boon” quest that leads players to the Revival Catalyst in Dragonflight Season 2 became available one week earlier than intended, while the Catalyst itself remained unusable. This issue was explained, and the quest was pushed to the week of June 13, when the Revival Catalyst will be available.
  • Latest Updates to Fractures in Time: On Tuesday, the latest PTR update was released for Dragonflight Fractures in Time and included class tuning changes and a welcome-back gift for characters 10-60 that have not been logged into for an extended period.
  • Cobalt Shalewing Drop Rate Increased: A hotfix was deployed to bring the drop rate of the Cobalt Shalewing mount in line with similar drops in the zone.

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