Warcraft Rumble

Warcraft Rumble: PvP Changes in Beta Update 0.9.5

Warcraft Rumble: PvP Changes in Beta Update 0.9.5

With the release of the 0.9.5 beta update, we’re making some changes to PvP to help introduce players to the Battle system and better prepare them to jump into action-packed PvP chaos.

What’s Rumbling

New Improvements

Match Quality

We recognized that new players could get matched against veteran players, especially in the early ladder. We’re taking steps to address it—until players reach Silver, all their armies will be capped at level 1, and their Honor level calibrates for their introductory games. 

Streamlined PvP and Quest Tutorial

The tutorial has been simplified and streamlined, with Gnomelia guiding you every step of the way.

  • Get your Mini’s primed for Battle because you’ll be entering sooner now that access has been reduced to 8 Skulls from 12.

Mid and End Rank Rewards

We’ve improved our reward structure and giving away more rewards!

  • We’ve improved the Honor track to make it more straightforward and polished.
  • There are now three rewards per rank instead of one.
  • Rewards can be claimed right on the track.
  • Players will see a badge when unclaimed rewards are waiting for them.

Smash that PvP button to start the adventure and unleash some chaos!

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