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Spawn Gruesome Destruction with the Season 19 Battle Pass

Spawn Gruesome Destruction with the Season 19 Battle Pass

A most ominous foreboding descends across Sanctuary, adventurer.

Since our last content update, players vanquished dastardly specters in Hallow’s Wake, garbed themselves with the Hallowed Horns Cosmetic, and triumphed in several returning events. This content update introduces 42 new Legendary items, the Season 19 Spawn of Destruction Battle Pass, and updates to the Fractured Plane limited-time event.

The generals of the Burning Hells have unleashed their most clever magic—the ability to alter time itself. Starting on October 25, the server time will be thrust forward by an hour for all Europe servers.

As with previous content updates, there will be server maintenance starting on October 24, from 5 p.m.–7 p.m. PDT for Oceania, China, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Europe servers, and on October 25, from 1 a.m.–3 a.m. PDT for servers in the Americas. After the maintenance has concluded, all items mentioned below will be live—specific dates for any content going live afterward are provided below.


New Legendary Gear

Feature Updates

Fractured Plane Adjustments

Season 19 Battle Pass: Spawn of Destruction

Returning Events

Region-Specific Game Additions

Bug Fixes

42 New Legendary Items

The Legendary items displayed below can only be obtained in Inferno Difficulty II and above.


  • Falling Thunder (Off Hand): Wrath of the Berserker now enrages you when nearby enemies are Bleeding, increasing damage by 15%.
  • Hearth Hook (Chest): Chain Spear now throws a piercing spear that deals damage over time and causes enemies to Bleed, which can stack. Spears can be thrown up to 2 times.
  • Heartless Terror (Helm): Demoralize now unleashes a roar that damages nearby enemies, while also making you immune to loss of control and knockbacks.
  • Lion’s Mane (Main Hand): Demoralize now also detonates the wounds of nearby enemies, immediately resolving any continual damage effects.
  • Tempo Change (Pants): Chained Spear charges increased by 1.
  • Ox's Horns (Shoulders): When Whirlwind hits the same target 3 times, it tears it apart, causing 554 damage per second for up to 2.5 seconds.

Blood Knight

  • Bloody Concession (Pants): While Abomination is active, your Primary Attacks cause enemies to Bleed dealing 491 damage per second for 3 seconds.
  • Ferryman’s Lantern (Off Hand): Ravage also deals an additional 435 damage to Bleeding enemies.
  • Indulgent Calligrapher (Main Hand): Whirling Strike is now activated up to three times, each strike causing enemies to Bleed, with the strike knocking enemies into the air.
  • Masque of Demir (Helm): Whirling Strike also increases your damage by 10% for 3 seconds.
  • Taste of Copper (Shoulders): Swarm of Bats now passively sends bats to attack Bleeding enemies and can be activated to deal damage to nearby Bleeding enemies, causing the bats to return and heal you.
  • Teeming Grotto (Chest): Swarm of Bats also destroys enemy armor, increasing damage dealt by 10% for 3 seconds.


  • Anointed Brimstone (Helm): Consecration now calls intense holy flame that deals damage to yourself and nearby enemies.
  • Brightsteel Spathe (Off Hand): Shield Glare now surrounds you in protective light that damages and blinds nearby enemies when attacked.
  • Cloister of Misery (Pants): Shield Charge now causes you to leap to a target location, gathering and damaging nearby enemies.
  • Divine Provocation (Shoulders): Conjuration of Light’s cooldown is reduced by 1 seconds for each attack received while active, triggering up to 4 times.
  • Shelter of Khalim (Chest): Conjuration of light now grants you an absorb shield.
  • Trial by Fury (Main Hand): Receiving damage from an enemy will cause your next Sacred Fire to detonate on hit, dealing 489 additional damage to nearby enemies.

Demon Hunter

  • Boar at the Door (Helm): Sentry now summons a shadow arrow tower at the point you designate to attack nearby enemies.
  • Fallow Farm (Off Hand): Strafe summons a shadow to attack nearby enemies. This can be used up to 2 times.
  • Journey Abundant (Pants): Activating Vengeance also creates a field for 5 seconds allowing you and friendly summons to fire up to one additional bolt every 0.5 seconds, which causes 276 additional damage.
  • Tar-Black Rain (Main Hand): Smoke Screen now creates a fog, making you instantly invisible, freeing you from current Crowd Control effects while also making you immune to knockback.
  • Waltz on Shattered Glass (Shoulders): When a Knife Trap is triggered near a Sentry, that Sentry gains 30% increased Attack Speed for 3 seconds.
  • Yearling Kiln (Chest): Vengeance summons your inner demon to continuously attack your target, but no longer passively increases your movement speed.


  • Dark Cover (Shoulders): Wave of Light now protects you and surrounding allies with a large Golden Bell, receiving damage while active creates a wave of damage to surrounding enemies.
  • Falcon’s Dive (Chest): Inner Sanctuary’s range is increased by 20%.
  • Harsh Truth (Off Hand): Mystic Strike charges increased by 1.
  • Lingering Incense (Pants): Mystic Strike now throws soul energy dealing damage when it hits an enemy and summoning a Phantom to continuously attack the enemy.
  • Neckbreaker (Helm): Inner Sanctuary now increases Movement Speed and Primary Attack damage for the player and their summons.
  • Shatter Spall (Main Hand): Mystic Allies summons two spiritual entities that utilize Soulfire and Wind to attack the enemy.


  • Corrosive Slab (Off Hand): Command Golem applies a vulnerability effect to surrounding enemies, increasing the damage they receive by 8%.
  • Festering Wounds (Shoulders): Skeletal Mage damage is increased by 8% up to 32%, for each different damage effect active on the enemy.
  • Frigid Repose (Chest): Bone Armor applies as cloak of frost to you and your summons, damaging and chilling nearby enemies.
  • Putrid Onslaught (Helm): Command Skeletons summons rotting zombies, damaging and slowing nearby enemies.
  • Undying Malice (Pants): When active, Bone Armor also increases critical hit rate by 20%.
  • Wicked Husker (Main Hand): Bone Spear destroys enemy armor, increasing Critical Damage dealt within 2 seconds by 20%.


  • Aftershock (Chest): Lightning Nova now releases a shockwave in the surrounding area. Enemies hit will continue to be damaged and briefly stunned.
  • Barbs of Annihilation (Shoulders): Disintegrate releases a sphere of energy that attacks enemies in range and dissolves their amor.
  • Ephemeral Visage (Helm): Slow Time now increases your Attack Speed, Movement Speed, and the rate at which skill area effects and continual damage resolve.
  • Frenetic Spark (Off Hand): Lightning Nova’s cooldown is reduced by 15%.
  • Hastened Oblivion (Pants): Disintegrate cooldown is reduced by 1 second, up to a maximum of 3 seconds, when damaging enemies.
  • Volatile Arbiter (Main Hand): Magic Missile triggers an explosion for every 3 magic missiles that hits an Enemy, which causes 1099 damage to the area.

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Feature Updates

Challenge Rift Updates

Season 2 Challenge Rifts concludes and introduces Season 3 on November 6, 7:50 a.m.—8 a.m. local server time. With Season 3, the maximum Challenge Rift level has increased to 450. Additionally, the difficulty of levels 381-410 will be decreased.

Immortal Weekly Reward Changes

The Vault keepers of fabled treasures have increased their penchant for Gold, bolstering their vast troves. Various changes have occurred to the Immortal Vault thanks to their newfound riches.

The following updates have been made:

  • Vault rewards have improved chances of rewarding improved gear.
  • Players are no longer required to add items to the Vault with Elder Rifts, items will be added to the vault at 3 a.m. server time on Monday and Saturday automatically.
  • The Gear available will be more proportionate to the class distribution among Immortals.

The new rules will take effect at 3 a.m. server time on October 30.

Battlegrounds Changes

Based off Community feedback, we noticed players were keen to receive their end-of-season rewards before the season’s end occurs. To change this, we’re including more rewards on Ranking Up. Players will now receive Reforge Stones every time they rank up until they reach Legendary Rank.

We have also changed the queueing for Battleground to ensure that if a queued player is no longer online, they will be removed from the current queue to prevent the match from failing to start.

Helliquary Boss Invulnerability Phase Removal

We have tweaked two Helliquary Bosses, Catarag and Ophinneb, to remove two invulnerability states from their fight.

Daylight Savings Adjustment for Europe

To help give wanderers a better chance to use the Sun’s warm visage and maximize their day, on October 25 we’re rolling back Europe’s server time by 1 hour during the scheduled maintenance period.

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Fractured Plane Adjustments

In a place like Sanctuary, even those with the utmost mental fortitude can find themselves lost to the unrelenting darkness spread by the Burning Hells. Broken. Shattered. Trapped in the deepest recesses of their mind. Entering the Fractured Plane is the only way forward. This event will run from October 27, 3 a.m.–November 3, 3 a.m. server time.

Fractured Plane returns with several changes that now augment the fabled halls in the following ways:

  • Countdown Chests now drop Legendary Gems.
  • Set Item bonuses can now be gained as blessings.
  • The chance of finding blessing and challenge rooms has increased.
  • Legendary affixes on gear have been strengthened.
  • Blessings have been strengthened.

For more information about the Fractured Plane event, please visit this article.

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Season 19 Battle Pass: Spawn of Destruction

The Spawn of Destruction gather in a vile attempt to resurrect their dark lord. The Season 19 Battle Pass erupts into Sanctuary on October 26, at 3 a.m. server time. This Battle Pass hosts 40 ranks worth of challenges and rewards, such as Crests, Hilts, and more.

Remember, new Rank rewards are available in the Empowered Battle Pass, and rotating Cosmetics can be obtained from the Battle Archive Shop for owners of the Collector’s Empowered Battle Pass—get yours today!

These desecrated vestments will be available to earn until November 23, at 2:59 a.m. server time—begin slaying demons and climbing your way through the ranks today!

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Returning Events

Shady Stock

Yakin has once again come into possession of some liberated merchandise, likely plucked from a far-away excavation. His Shady Stock is in high demand and will be available to peruse from October 28, 3 a.m.–November 4, 3 a.m. server time, or until Westmarch’s guards raid his supply. For more information on Shady Stock, please see this article.


The ancient fighting pit where the Fahiran aristocracy held brutal games has once again been uncovered in Shassar. From November 3, 3 a.m.–November 10, 3 a.m. server time, players can enter in this limited time PvP event where teams compete to capture multiplate strongholds and emerge victorious. For more information on Conqueror, please see this article.

Adventurer’s Path Limited-Time Event

The downtrodden look up to you, and to continue serving them, you must walk the Adventurer’s Path. From November 4, 3 a.m.–November 12, 3 a.m. server time, as you complete Adventurer’s Path tasks, you’ll earn Gold, Enchanted Dust, and Scrap Materials for your feats. For more information on Adventurer’s Path, please see this article.

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Region-Specific Game Additions

Below you will find a region-specific update coming with this update to the version of Diablo Immortal available in China. This new feature is set to be available with the next update in Diablo Immortal in all other regions.

Inactive Player Dungeon Removal Feature

A Vote to kick function has been added to each Dungeon party. When a player is inactive in game for a long period of time, other players can select the player’s avatar and initiate a vote for them to be removed. After all players agree, the inactive player will be removed.

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Bug Fixes

Looking for the latest round of hotfixes and bug fixes implemented for Diablo Immortal? Check here for all-platform fixes—updated on Tuesdays.

We hope you orchestrate destruction during this most hallowed of seasons.
-The Diablo Immortal Team

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