將開放支援港幣(HKD) | Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) currency coming to 將開放支援港幣(HKD) | Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) currency coming to

為了提供粉絲更多元的付款選項來購買喜愛的遊戲與服務,我們會定期評估® 平台上支援付款的幣別。近日在經過評估之後,我們計畫將於 平台上新增港幣(HKD)幣別。

此次調整預計將在 2023 年 3 月 28 日正式上線。本次更新中,符合轉換港幣資格的玩家目前所持有之 點數將會根據最近期的即期匯率進行換算。另外,受本次改動所影響之玩家可能會看到價格上的調整。針對本次調整,我們為玩家準備了一些常見問答集。若有任何更進一步的問題,請聯繫客服團隊

問:哪些玩家會在 上看到幣別的調整?

答 帳號的地區為香港或澳門的玩家將會看到此一調整。

問:在 3 月 28 日之後,我還能在 上以其他幣種來進行交易嗎?

答 帳號的地區為香港或澳門的玩家未來將只能使用港幣進行交易。

問 點數餘額從台幣轉為港幣的匯率是多少?

答:匯率為臺灣銀行於 3 月 27 日公布的港幣收盤即期匯率

問:這項調整對當前 商品的售價會有什麼影響?

答:調整上線後, 帳號的地區為香港或澳門的玩家將以港幣的價格購買商品。

問:若我不想轉換幣別,我可以要求退還當前剩餘的 點數嗎?

答:可以,玩家可以在 3 月 26 日之前向客服支援提出要求。若玩家在指定日期前沒有提出請求,則視同同意此調整。


答 帳號的地區為香港或澳門,且當地銀行帳號與 帳號使用者名稱相符的玩家有資格要求退款。退款會以原始銷售使用之幣種退還。玩家可以聯絡客服團隊尋求支援


答:自收到玩家申請的第一個工作日起,一般會於 30 個工作日內完成退款流程。

問:我可以修改我 帳號中的地區嗎?




To provide our fans with various payment options to purchase their beloved games and services,® regularly reviews the currencies we support on the platform. Following the most recent assessment, we are planning to add the Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) currency to the platform.

We anticipate these changes will go live March 28, 2023. As part of this update, balance currently held by players eligible for the HKD currency will be converted at the latest spot exchange rate. In addition, players in regions affected by this change of currency may see some prices being adjusted. We are here to help and provide answers on this change. You can also contact customer support if you have further questions or concerns.

Q: Who will see the currency change on

A: Players whose account’s Region is Hong Kong or Macau.

Q: Can I still choose other currencies to make purchase on after March 28?

A: Players whose account’s Region is Hong Kong or Macau can only use Hong Kong Dollar.

Q: What is the exchange rate to convert my current balance from TWD to HKD?

A: The exchange rate will be the HKD closing spot rate on March 27 as published by the Bank of Taiwan (LINK)

Q: What impact will this change have on current pricing?

A: Once the conversion takes place, all players with account Region as Hong Kong or Macau will be subject to HKD pricing

Q: If I do not wish to change the currency, can I request to refund my currently held balance?

A: Yes, players can submit their request to customer support before March 26. Players who have not submitted the request by such date will be deemed to have agreed to the change.

Q: Who are eligible to request the refund?

A: Players whose accounts’ Region are Hong Kong or Macau, and have local bank accounts that match their account usernames. The refund will be supplied in the original sales transaction currency. Players can contact customer support for assistance.

Q: When can I expect to receive my refund?

A: It normally takes 30 business days to complete the refund after the first working day of receiving player’s application.

Q: Can I change my account Region?

A: Please refer to this support article for more information.

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