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Blues News: November 17, 2023

Blues News: November 17, 2023

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Here are this week's highlights:


  • Seeds of Renewal PTR Begins: Check out the current development notes for this upcoming content update, including Follow Dungeons, Azerothian Archives, worldwide Dragonriding, and the Reclaiming of Gilneas. A forum was also opened for player feedback after they’ve tested the new content.
  • Display Issues for the Great Vault: Some players who complete tasks, like Dungeons, are not seeing the credit in the Great Vault—this is a display issue and is actively being looked into.
  • Consumables in Unrated Battlegrounds: Some changes were made to how consumables will work in Season 3 Unrated Battlegrounds.


  • Classic Era 1.15.0 Update: Patch notes for this update were posted earlier this week.
  • Classic Era Patch 1.15.0 Known Issues: A known issues thread for this update was posted earlier this week.

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