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Dive Into Joyful Chaos as Warcraft Rumble Pops Into Azeroth

Dive Into Joyful Chaos as Warcraft Rumble Pops Into Azeroth

People can't get enough of this mysterious new machine that leaves joyful chaos in its wake. Warcraft Rumble Machines beckon eager collectors to expand their growing toy collections.

World of Warcraft* zones and cities of Azeroth will come alive with miniature-sized adventure when Warcraft Rumble Machines pop onto the scene, offering a fantastic way to collect your own Warcraft Rumble Miniatures in Dragonflight. The Warcraft Rumble Machines will be found in four Major Dragonflight Zones (Thaldraszus, The Azure Span, The Waking Shores, Ohn'ahran Plains), Orgrimmar, Stormwind, and Valdrakken.

Dive into joyful chaos when you expand your growing toy collection!

Mail Call!

Keep an eye on your in-game mail. When the Warcraft Rumble Machines become available, everyone will get an in-game note telling you to seek out Mizzen, the Warcraft Rumble quest giver. Players level 60 and under will be directed to Orgrimmar or Stormwind, and players level 60 plus will head to Valdrakken.

Rumble Coins and Foils

Can't wait to get your Minis? Well, rummage around for a coin to nab 'em. Each collectible Mini, seven in total, costs one Rumble Coin. Coins are hidden in parts of the Dragon Isles, Orgrimmar, Stormwind, and Valdrakken. Once you find a Coin, take it to a Warcraft Rumble Machine, drop it in, and get your adorable-sized Warcraft Rumble Miniature to add to your in-game toy collection. Fun fact: You can't get the same Mini twice; also, they're non-tradable.

Foiler Alert!

All seven Minis are customizable with two additional appearances using Rumble Foil for a total of fourteen available looks. To get the Foils, all you have to do is look around. Fourteen Foils are carefully hidden through the four major zones in the Dragon Isles—The Waking Shores, The Azure Span, Ohn'ahran Plains, and Thaldraszus, and capital cities—Orgrimmar, Stormwind, and Valdrakken. So, keep your eyes peeled!

Look, Achievements!

With the arrival of the Warcraft Rumble Machines, you can get a whole new slew of Achievements as you're on the hunt to build your collection. Here are the many that you can earn:

Warcraft Rumble Minis, Get 'em All!: Collect seven Minis
Warcraft Rumble Minis, New Looks!: Upgrade all seven Minis once
Warcraft Rumble Minis, All the Looks!: Upgrade all seven Minis twice 
Warcraft Rumble Minis, Maiev's** New Look: Upgrade Maiev once 
Warcraft Rumble Minis, Sneed's New Look: Upgrade Sneed once 
Warcraft Rumble Minis, Huntress's New Look: Upgrade Night Elf Huntress once 
Warcraft Rumble Minis, Stonehoof Tauren's New Look: Upgrade Stonehoof Tauren once 
Warcraft Rumble Minis, Ghoul's New Look: Upgrade Undead Ghoul once 
Warcraft Rumble Minis, Murloc's** New Look: Upgrade Murloc once 
Warcraft Rumble Minis, Whelp Egg's New Look: Upgrade Whelp Egg once 
Warcraft Rumble Minis, Maiev's** Newer Look: Upgrade Maiev twice 
Warcraft Rumble Minis, Sneed's Newer Look: Upgrade Sneed twice 
Warcraft Rumble Minis, Huntress's Newer Look: Upgrade Night Elf Huntress twice
Warcraft Rumble Minis, Stonehoof Tauren's Newer Look: Upgrade Stonhoof Tauren twice
Warcraft Rumble Minis, Ghoul's Newer Look: Upgrade Undead Ghoul twice
Warcraft Rumble Minis, Murloc's** Newer Look: Upgrade Murloc twice
Warcraft Rumble Minis, Whelp Egg's Newer Look: Upgrade Whelp Egg twice

To the Victor, Go the Foils!

The land is filled with foils to find, but you'll need to scour around to collect them all. During your travels, look high and low, or you'll miss cute, fiery Whelp Eggs that are fixed on roasting unsuspecting foes, or a crew of Murloc Spearthrowers** mrrrgllgrrgling about their treasure...or something like that. Here are a few Rumble Foils you can look forward to making part of your collection:

*Not available in Classic or Era titles.
**Not shown

Log in, find Rumble Coins and Foils, and unleash some chaotically good fun in Azeroth!

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