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Blues News: August 25, 2023

Blues News: August 25, 2023

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Here are this week's highlights:

  • Mind Soothe Hotfix: NPCs with True Sight will now be immune to the Priest ability, Mind Soothe.
  • Fury Incarnate PTR Update: Adjustments continue for the upcoming Ping system in Fury Incarnate.
  • Classic Era 1.14.4 PvP System: An overview of how the PvP ranking system works was posted on Tuesday.
  • Best Tips to Play Classic Hardcore: Players and Blizzard employees share their best tips for playing in the Classic Hardcore ruleset. Let people know what you’ve learned!
  • Lost Hardcore Character Destinations: Details about the Classic Era transfer destinations (EU link) for lost Classic Hardcore characters were posted on Thursday.

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