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Wrath Classic: For a Limited Time Get Up to 30% Off on Paid Faction Changes

Wrath Classic: For a Limited Time Get Up to 30% Off on Paid Faction Changes

Paid Faction Changes are now available to Wrath of the Lich King™ Classic players.  Get more on Faction Change Bundles during our introductory offer*.

Faction Change Bundles

Take a walk on the other side with 30% off one or three Faction Changes, and until February 27, you can get two additional Faction Changes for the price of six. The Faction Change item will now allow the purchase of multiple Faction Changes at one time or save some for future use.

Changing your faction also includes a free race change** for your class, so you’ll fit in with your new friends when you join them on their adventures all over Azeroth.

Available Faction Change pack options:

  • 1 for $21.00 (Regularly $30.00)
  • 3 for $42.00 (Regularly $60.00)
  • 6 8 for $95.00

To learn more about the Faction Change service and any restrictions, visit our support page.

Ready to make your move? Purchase Faction Change Packs from the shop or launch World of Warcraft and click on the Shop button on the character select screen.

Once you’ve purchased your Faction Changes within the shop or the in-game shop, a new icon will appear on your character selection screen. To activate a game service, click on the token, then select the character you wish to change. Any unused Faction Change tokens will remain on your account for use at a future time.

* Offer only available for Wrath of the Lich King Classic through February 27, 2023. After February 27, the largest available Faction Change will include 6 Faction Changes for the current offer price of 8.
**Wrath Classic Faction Change service cannot be applied to a character that completed a faction change in the past 30 Days.

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