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Shadowlands: 9.2.5 Content Update Is Now Live

Shadowlands: 9.2.5 Content Update Is Now Live

The Shadowlands content update 9.2.5 has arrived with a variety of features and experiences such as cross-faction play, new questlines for blood elf and Dark Iron dwarf characters, a new PvP arena, and more!

Party with Players from the Opposing Faction!


Cross-faction gameplay is included with the 9.2.5 content update, giving players more grouping options and allowing them to play with their friends from the opposing faction. Read our news post for more about this feature.

Blood Elves and Dark Iron Dwarves, Get Questing!

Two new questlines will help blood elf, and Dark Iron dwarf players earn new rewards in this update.

Blood Elf players completing their questline receive the Elusive Emerald Hawkstrider mount, and blood elf Paladins earn the Blood Knight-themed Ensemble: Blood Knight's Dedication. Dark Iron dwarf players who complete their questline earn the Grimhowl's Face Axe mount and the Dark Iron-themed Arsenal: Lavaforge Armaments as a reward.

Test Your Mettle in the Enigma Crucible

The mysterious Enigma Crucible crafted by the Progenitors is the latest PvP arena located within the ancient wonder of Zereth Mortis and will offer players a challenging battlefield to test their skills.

Shadowlands Season 4 Coming Soon

Season 4 will be making its debut later this summer. Keep an eye on for more details on when Season 4 will be available.

Shadowlands 9.2.5 Content Update Notes

Learn more about the latest changes coming to the Shadowlands by reading through the update notes.

Keep checking for more information on these features and more. We'll see you in the Shadowlands!

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