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Season 7 Feature Patch Delayed

Season 7 Feature Patch Delayed

While preparing for the launch of Season 7, a few issues were discovered that would negatively impact the player experience. Due to these issues, the release of new Season 7 content will be delayed by a few weeks.

What Does This Mean?

Season 7 will start as usual on Wednesday, July 10, 2024, but new key features planned for Season 7 will be delayed until Wednesday, July 24. This includes the start of the Cenarion Festival, the introduction of the new Cenarion Minis, Moonglade and the Cenarion family week. Some content may be available before the event officially starts on July 24.

We're amping up the Season 7 guild Warchest and PvP rewards in light of the date shift by upgrading some of the rewards and adding Coins, Cores, and more. The guild Warchest will contain 2 Epic Cores and an elusive Legendary Core! The updated PvP Rank rewards are as follows: 500 Coins, 5 Faerie Dragon Stars, 5 Earth and Moon Stars, Epic Core, 1000 Coins, Mega Leader Tome, 1500 Coins, Epic Core, 2000 Coins, Mythic Tome, and a Legendary Core.

To fill the void of the Cenarion Festival, Darkmoon Faire will creep into town on July 10 with a fresh delivery of Chaos Chests.

Cenarion family week will now start for the first time on July 28 instead of July 14. Cenarius and Onu will be available in the G.R.I.D during this week. The new Cenarion Troops will not be available in the G.R.I.D until Season 8.

Additionally, starting on July 24, all in-game features will reset at the same time, 11:00 a.m. PDT (6:00 p.m. UTC), instead of differing by feature. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: Daily Rewards, Arclight Surge, dungeons, G.R.I.D, Daily Offers, Azeroth's Blessing, and quest refills. Extra rewards for one day of Daily Drops (120 Coins & Major Tome) were sent out in early July for owners of Azeroth’s Blessing.

We are excited for everyone to get their hands on all the exciting new content coming in Season 7, and we appreciate everyone’s patience while we work to ensure the best possible experience.

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