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Season 4 Patch Notes

Season 4 Patch Notes

Season 4

The Voodoo is comin’ to Warcraft Rumble in Season 4. Introducing Warcraft Rumble’s newest Troop, Witch Doctor and two new emotes! Learn more in our Season 4 article.



  • Daily Rewards now have a chance to grant large amounts of Coins, Mega Tomes, and very rarely a Mythic Tome!
  • XP Gem bonuses have increased for the start and middle of the Player Level journey.
  • Arc Energy rewards from PvP have increased from 200 to 1000.
  • The Seasonal Emote has also moved to 12,000 Player Honor from 16,000!
  • Heroic Campaign victories will also award 3 points of progress towards Daily Rewards, from 1.

Daily Offers

We’re making some initial improvements to the Daily Offers section, in the hopes it provides more attractive items, more frequently. Some key changes include:

  • Legendary Cores and Mythic Tomes can now appear in the store (though very rarely!)
  • Arclight Energy (and some other rare items) will have a small discount built into the purchase.
  • Added Mini and XP combinations to the list of potential items; with the improvement to XP boosts, we hope this will provide a more predictable way to funnel XP into specific Minis.
  • Reduced the amount of Rare Cores that can appear.

**Please note that some items may not appear until your account has been progressed a sufficient amount (total Sigils earned).


  • Another round of Quest tuning to make difficulty more consistent.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a variety of text and localization related bugs.

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