Warcraft Rumble

Mini Mondays: NPCs & Bosses 3D Printer Blueprints

Mini Mondays: NPCs & Bosses 3D Printer Blueprints

Bring the rumble to reality by 3D printing your own Warcraft Rumble Minis. Here are this week’s new Warcraft Rumble Mini 3D Printer Blueprint files for you to print, paint, and post online to share with your friends, share with your family, heck, get crazy, and share with your friend’s family!

There's no need to lurk through her lair to add Onyxia to your pile of 3D prints; just hit the link below to bring the broodmother of the Black Dragonflight into your clutch. We've also included some loyal NPCs and devious bosses to round out your army of Minis. Expand your collection of 3D-printed Warcraft Rumble Minis today! 


Post Your Minis!

And don’t forget to share your Minis—print, paint, and post your creative creations to social using the #WarcraftRumble hashtag so we can celebrate in joyful chaos with you!


Use proper ventilation and follow proper 3D printing safety precautions. Arclight Energy Source not included. Some printing required. Print time and quality may vary depending on equipment used. No Orcs were harmed during the production of this product. Do not eat. No purchase necessary. S.A.F.E Pilot goggles not included. Some Minis are sharp, avoid contact with foot. Please keep printed Minis away from all Arclight Energy Sources after Midnight. Do not incinerate; this is not Teldrassil. May contain Murlocs, definitely contains Joyful Chaos. Use only as directed by your nearest Innkeeper. Not a toy. Objects in 3D printers are way more awesome than they appear. You can print many whelps and handle it. Other restrictions may apply. Chaos where prohibited. Practice Joyful Chaos responsibly.

Players can now take the joyful chaos wherever they go; download Warcraft Rumble™ from the Google Play or Apple App stores. Stay on top of all the latest Warcraft Rumble news on the official site and follow us on our social channels: InstagramTwitter (X)YouTubeFacebook, and Twitch.

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