StarCraft II

StarCraft II 5.0.9 PTR Patch Notes

StarCraft II 5.0.9 PTR Patch Notes

En Taro Adun,
We are releasing a Balance Patch which was put together by our very own SC2 community. Over the past couple months, we have been working with various members of the community and tournament organizers to create a balance update for the game. We would like to recognize and acknowledge the members of the group for the upcoming changes you see below.

Shield Battery

  • Starting Energy reduced from 100 to 50 outside of the next field

Dark Templar

  • Now have a 0.75s attack delay after blink

Void Ray

  • Increased build time from 37 to 43
  • Increased mineral cost from 200 to 250


  • Can no longer transfuse off creep

Widow Mine

  • Reduced the effectiveness of drilling claws from 0.71 seconds to 1.07 seconds


  • Reduced the effectiveness of adaptive talon from 0.71 seconds to 1.07 seconds

Nydus Worm

  • Increased starting creep by 1 unit in each direction around the worm once it spawns

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