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2020 Season 1 Map Preview

2020 Season 1 Map Preview

2020 Ladder Season 1 brings new 1v1 and Team maps to ladder!

These maps will be available for playtesting or exploration in the Custom Games section of Multiplayer today. Below are some descriptions from the creators of the maps. Please click on the images to see the detailed views.

Marras: “The map has 16 blue bases, two of which have a single Rich Vespene Geyser. The average rush distance is 37 seconds. There are rocks in the middle path and on the ramp leading into the low ground third. Line of sight blockers are situated in the 11 & 5 o’clock positions on the outer path of the map, in the high ground areas near the outer path, and in to the direct middle. Lastly, main bases not directly in the corner.”

Superouman: “This map’s structure is very unique. A wall divides the map in two very distinct halves. The bottom half of the is inaccessible at the beginning of the game. There are three ways to get to the bottom part: mine the middle reduced minerals, mine the gold base, or mine the main backdoor. The players can choose to play the way they want. They can play the map in a vanilla style with five easy bases on the top part of the map. Or they can take advantage of the unique features of the map and outsmart the opponent by using the bottom part of the map.”

Superouman: “I chose to use Inhibitor Zone Generators exclusively in areas where only air units can be affected. To fully use air only Inhibitor Zone Generators, I decided to use a map layout where both players start very close by air. I compensated for the short air travel time by filling the air gap with Inhibitor Zone Generators. I kept a small space that isn’t slowed on the edge of the map. This route allows for a safer attack and retreat path for air drop and harass. The power of air play toward the main base is reduced because the attacker’s units will get hit a few more times by the defender if they go straight through the Inhibitor Zone Generators. The ground rush distance is quite long to bait players to still go for air units even if they are weaker in this map.”

Marras: “Both teammates have their own main base and pocket bases. There are Inhibitor Zone Generators next to the mains to help defend against air harass. Inhibitor Zones are also located near the central path and on the ramp leading to the low ground next to rocks. Additionally, there are rocks and los blockers on the middle path and gold bases are located in the middle of the low ground areas.”

themusic246: “After a long period of peace, war emerges again. Work as a team to defend evenly spaced expansions to leapfrog your way across the map. Reduced minerals fields partially block off a pocket expansion allowing the option to expand the other direction.”

Timmay: “This is a fortress map with Inhibitor Zone Generators covering the air space between mains and also slightly covering the shortest path.”

The final map pool for 2020 Season 1 will be:

  • Zen LE
  • Eternal Empire LE
  • Simulacrum LE
  • Nightshade LE
  • Ever Dream LE
  • Purity and Industry LE
  • Golden Wall LE
  • Arctic Dream LE
  • Heavy Artillery LE
  • Rhoskallian LE
  • Divergence LE
  • Efflorescence LE
  • Dusty Gorge
  • Emerald City LE
  • Sentinel LE
  • Augustine Fall LE
  • Jungle Depths LE
  • Bone Temple LE
  • Rosebud LE
  • Whitewater Line LE
  • Canyon of Tribulation LE
  • Nekodrec LE
  • Concord LE
  • Mementos LE
  • Shipwrecked LE
  • Troizinia LE
  • OId Estate
  • Multiprocessor LE

Along with the new map pool, the new season also brings everyone a free name change! Simply follow the steps below to change your character name:

  • Log in to the game
  • Left click on your character portrait in the upper right corner
  • Click the gear icon next to your current name
  • Click Change Name
  • Enter a new name

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