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StarCraft II 4.9.1 Patch Notes

StarCraft II 4.9.1 Patch Notes



  • Stetmann
    • Gary now benefits from Stetzones, and his passive health regen icon has been removed from the command card.
    • Roaches Away! now spawns 2 Mecha Roaches, down from 4.
    • Roaches Away! now orders spawned units to attack-move to the target location if it is beyond the Mecha Infestor’s cast range.
    • Mecha Roaches and Mecha Ravagers timed life reduced from 60 seconds to 45 seconds.
    • Mecha Roach damage increased to 12 (24 vs Light), up from 8 (16 vs Light).
    • Mecha Roach max life increased to 110, up from 75.
    • Mecha Ravager max life increased to 120, up from 80.
  • Stukov
    • Stukov's Infest Structure now launches flying broodlings when used on flying structures.


Co-op Missions

  • General
    • If a Co-op Mission fails to correctly end in victory, it will now time out after one minute and forcefully award the victory.
    • Updated the enemy wave compositions to be more randomly selected.
    • Correct consoles now properly appear for both Nova and Vorazun.
  • Commanders
    • Artanis
      • Shield Overcharge and Warp in Dragoon abilities no longer share the same default hotkey.
    • Dehaka
      • Tyrannozor's Spike Burst icon is now properly displaying the correct upgrade level.
    • Nova
      • All of Nova's structures now use the same Adjutant portrait.
    • Stetmann
      • Gary and Super Gary no longer recall allied units to Stetellites.
      • Updated tooltip for the Mecha Spire to correctly state: Enables – Mecha Corruptors from Mecha Larvae.
      • Players no longer receive the Super Gary Upgrade reminder if they are not level 15.
      • Stetman buildings are now listed in the Hotkeys menu under Zerg - Mecha.
      • Gary no longer has low-ground vision and can now see up cliffs properly.
      • Subgroup priority for the burrowed Mecha Infestors are now properly in order with the unborrowed.
      • Game now properly ends in defeat when all of Stetmann's structures are destroyed regardless of how many Stetellites are up.
      • Fixed several issues with the descriptions of Gary Ability Cooldown, Structure Morph Rate, and Deploy Stetellite Cooldown masteries.
      • Adjusted sound level for Stetellites’ deactivating sound, and Stetmann’s voice over on attack wave warnings.
      • The Orbs launched from Gary are no longer destroyed by Point Defense Drones.
      • Hero units now properly receive buffs from Stetzones.
      • Mecha Ultralisk’s Vectored Burrow Charge with the Electrostatic Surprise upgrade no longer stuns map objectives.
    • Stukov
      • Infested Liberators with the Cloud Dispersal upgrade can now deal damage to Void Shards and no longer target the base of units that are both ground and air.
      • Infest Structure can no longer target the Shuttle Bays on Void Launch.
    • Swann
      • Laser Drill Build Time mastery now properly causes the drill to revive in 66 seconds with 30 mastery points.
      • Hailstorm Missiles from Spinning Dizzies now properly fire when buffed from Karax's Energizer.
      • KMC Auto-Loaders upgrade now properly increases Spinny Dizzy attack speed by 25%.
    • Tychus
      • Rattlesnake’s Stimpack upgrade now properly auto-casts stimpack when attacking.
    • Zeratul
      • Fixed an issue where players could not earn the Devolution Retribution achievement.
      • Fixed an issue where Ambushers could not receive the order to blink if the target location is out of range.
      • Fixed an issue where Void Templar could blink into unpathable locations.
      • Zeratul’s structures are now displaying the proper portrait.
  • Mutators
    • Karax's Sentinels with the Reconstruction upgrade, and Kerrigan's Torrasque Strain Ultralisks are now revived immediately while the Moment of Silence debuff is active on the units. They will still be silenced.
    • Fenix no longer instantly respawns as Talandar, after being killed by the Black Death, or Double Edged mutators.
  • Mission
    • Dead of Night
      • Chokers now properly stop choking units when affected by a stun or stasis.
    • Part and Parcel
      • Collecting parts after activating the Balius no longer causes the main objective timer to pause indefinitely.
    • Scythe of Amon
      • The bonus objective will now complete after 30 seconds regardless of nearby enemies.
      • “Destroy this enemy” text now only displays on enemy units for the bonus objective.
    • The Vermillion Problem
      • Fixed an issue where enemy Extractors could appear as Mecha Extractors.


  • General
    • Viper's Parasitic Bomb damage will no longer stack if the target unit dies or if a target Viking morphs from fighter to assault mode.
  • Maps
    • Acropolis LE
      • Adjusted the color of the Aiur Temple Brick doodads for better identification of burrowed enemy Widow Mines.
    • Efflorescence LE
      • Adjusted certain doodads on the map to prevent selection circles form being covered by the doodad.
    • Thunderbird LE
      • Rich Vespene Geysers will now properly start with 2250 gas per geyser instead of 2500.

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