StarCraft II

StarCraft II 4.8.2 Patch Notes

StarCraft II 4.8.2 Patch Notes


  • The first season of 2019 has officially begun!
  • A new Trophy Top has been added for those that win Tournaments in the new season.
  • New features have been added to the WCS GameHeart Extension Mod.
    • The mod will now automatically prevent skins from being displayed for players.
    • Skins will be visible to Observers.



  • Cyclone
    • Mag-field Accelerator research time increased from 79 seconds to 100 seconds.
    • Mag-field Accelerator upgrade tooltip updated.
    • Lock-On tooltip updated.
  • Thor
    • High Impact Payload weapon range increased from 10 to 11.
  • Battlecruiser
    • Weapon Refit research time increased from 43 seconds to 100 seconds.


  • Infestor
    • Fungal Growth tooltip updated to mention that affected units will not be able to Blink, Tactical Jump, or load into transports or buildings.
  • Ultralisk
    • Anabolic Synthesis upgrade now increases Ultralisk movement speed off creep by 0.82, up from 0.41.
  • Nydus Network/Nydus Worm
    • Nydus Worm health increased from 200 to 300.
    • Nydus Worm armor while emerging decreased from 6 to 5.
    • Nydus Network and Nydus Worm initial unload delay decreased from 0.36 to 018.
    • Nydus Network and Nydus Worm unload period changed from 0.36 to 0.18.
    • Nydus Network and Nydus Worm load period changed from 0.18 to 0.09.


  • Adept
    • Gateway build time increased from 27 seconds to 30 seconds. Warp Gate cooldown remains unchanged.
  • Cybernetics Core
    • Warp Gate research time decreased from 114 seconds to 100 seconds.
  • Stalker
    • Blink research cost reduced from 150/150 to 100/100.
  • Robotics Facility
    • Cost decreased from 200/100 to 150/100.
  • Immortal
    • Cost increased from 250/100 to 275/100.
  • Observer
    • Movement speed increased from 2.63 to 3.01.
    • Gravitic Boosters upgrade now increases movement speed by 1.51, up from 1.31.
  • Oracle
    • Removed the Light attribute.
    • Added the Armored attribute.
  • Tempest
    • Movement speed decreased from 3.5 to 3.15.
    • Acceleration decreased from 2.8 to 2.1.

Bug Fixes


  • Wings of Liberty: Fixed an issue in the Devil’s Playground mission that allowed enemy creep tumors to spawn on top of each other
  • Legacy of the Void: Rebuilt enemy Oracles no longer use the default Protoss skin on the Rak’Shir mission .


  • The Infestor's Fungal Growth tooltip now states that it prevents affected targets from using Blink and Tactical Jump, and loading into transports and buildings.
  • Battlecruisers will now prioritize static defenses instead of workers.
  • The Raven's Anti Armor missile button now matches the missile model.
  • The Templar Archive research animation has been restored. [Fixed in 4.8.1]
  • Decals will no longer persist on the ground if a Command Center had upgraded to an Orbital Command and lifted off from that location.
  • The tooltip for the Cyclone’s Lock On after Mag-Field Accelerator has been researched has been edited to be more concise.
  • Updated the format of the tooltips of Anabolic Synthesis, Muscular Augments, and Adaptive Talon upgrades to be consistent with other movement upgrade tooltips.
  • Eggs will no longer block the optimal placement of a Hatchery after being destroyed.


  • Kings Cove LE
    • You can now wall-off your natural expansion with three buildings and one pylon as Protoss.
    • Fixed a few areas that were not symmetric.
    • Mineral nodes have been updated so the nodes closest to a player’s base will have the highest values.
  • Year Zero LE: Prevented a two-Pylon, one-Photon-Cannon wall-in strategy in the starting bases.
  • Cyber Forest LE: Corrected the location of base placement markers at certain bases.
  • Ship Wrecked LE: Replaced missing water at certain locations on the map.
  • Rosebud LE
    • Fixed small visual distortions that would occur on certain doodads when rotating or zooming-in with the camera.
    • Fixed several areas where certain doodads were clipping through the edge of the starting base.
    • Replaced the blue Compound Mansion Carpets to red to prevent it from hiding faction emblem and selection circles.
    • Restored ambient sounds throughout the map.
  • Efflorescence LE
    • The starting base buildings in the southwest will no longer appear to be floating slightly above the ground.
    • Reduced the light reflection effect of water at certain angles.


  • Fixed the text for feardragon’s portrait.
  • Fixed an issue that caused certain voice lines to not play for Zeratul, Han and Horner, Day[9], iNcontroL, SCBoy, Park, and Nathanias.

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