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War Chest Now Live!

War Chest Now Live!

The next War Chest is here!. Check out the skin trailer we debuted at GSL vs the World.

Below is a collection of all the new loot you can expect for each of the three races.

New Cosmetic: Banners

The third season of the War Chest brings with it a new cosmetic item: banners. Banners are a new way to customize your look in StarCraft II, and are displayed whenever you load into a game in Versus or Co-op. Each War Chest you purchase comes with its own race-specific banner, and if you pick up all three, you’ll also receive the exclusive “random” banner for those that let fate choose their race..

Co-op Boost

Along with all these new items, the War Chest also includes a 50% boost to experience earned when playing Co-op. Unlike previous War Chests, this boost will not be limited to 30 days—it will be active for the entire duration of the War Chest event. This means you’ll have from August 9 until December 6 to level up your favorite commanders.

Bonus Items

Those who purchase the bundle will receive the “random” banner as well as the following items claimable in other Blizzard games.

War Chest: BlizzCon 2018 is now available for purchase! You can purchase the race of your choice for $9.99 each, or you can buy the bundle for $24.99.

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