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New Ladder Maps for 2017 Season 3

New Ladder Maps for 2017 Season 3

*Catallena LE has been substituted for Frost LE as the 4th map being added to this season's map pool.

Flooded ruins, enchanted battlegrounds, and threatening wilds set the tone for the Season 3 maps of StarCraft II. Whether you primarily enjoy 1v1 or team play, an assortment of new maps will soon be coming to your Ladder games!

As of today, these maps are now available for your playtesting or exploration in the Custom Games section of Multiplayer, and you can expect to see them on the ladder next week when 2017 Season 3 commences! We encourage you to click on the images below to see detailed views of these maps in all their glory.

Below are the three NEW maps being added to the Ladder for 2017 Season 3. In addition to these, Catallena LE will join the map pool alongisde the current maps Ascension to Aiur, Abyssal Reef, and Odyssey.


Acolyte is a macro map that was a finalist in the Team Liquid Map Contest.   Several bases are available for players to expand quickly.  Clear rocks to open new attack paths into your opponent’s base.

Interloper is a rush type map that was submitted for the Team Liquid Map Contest.  Players can take one of five paths to reach their opponent, or destroy the rocks to allow free movement between any of them.

Mech Depot is a larger sized map and it features open areas and long pathways.  Move down the middle or utilize the side paths to engage your enemy.

Flooded city boasts a much shorter rush distance.  Plan your opening strategies carefully with your teammate and utilize the watch towers to keep an eye on the rush paths.  Destroy destructible rocks to gain access to gold minerals behind your main base.

There are two main paths to the enemy's base on Arctic Gates. The longer path is through the middle. The shorter path is through the enemy's backdoor, but that area is blocked by a destructible rock. Coordinate with your teammate and utilize the watch towers to achieve victory!

Abandoned Camp gives all players have one natural base they can use for an early expansion.  Afterwards, the other bases can be more risky to take and hold.  Coordinate with your teammates for your plan of attack and manage your team's resources carefully.

In Misty Swamp, most attack paths lead to the center of the map near the watch tower.  Players can expand quickly on this map, as long as they keep an eye on their enemy and the middle attack paths.

Players start separately from their teammates in the open map of Alaeni Enclave.  Every player has a nearby natural that they can use for a quick expansion.  Coordinate with your teammates to take the nearby expansions or go for an early rush.

The rush distance is shorter on Primeval Wilds.  Coordinate with your teammates to build a strong defense or rush your opponents early on.  Gold mineral bases are available, but they can be very risky to hold.

We hope you enjoy the maps for the upcoming season, and please feel free to share your feedback with us. We'll see you on the ladder!

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