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Patch 3.11 Preview: Dead of Night

Patch 3.11 Preview: Dead of Night

On the fringes of the Dominion, an unsuspecting world has become the target of a rapid zerg infestation. Even if evacuation efforts began immediately, they would not be fast enough to ferry the majority of the planet’s inhabitants to safety. Lieutenant Rosa Morales of the Dominion Navy Medical Corps is determined to burn away the infestation before it has a chance to spread, and it’s up to you to help her do it.

We’re pleased to bring to our Co-op comrades a new Co-op Mission based on the very popular Arcade game Left2Die.

Just like in Left2Die, you’ll find yourself under assault from an endless wave of infested monstrosities. Coordinating which choke points you and your ally will reinforce is crucial to your success. As long as the night lasts, your defenses will be tested the by the relentless infested. Fortunately, the horde cannot travel in daylight, which gives you a short window to lead an assault against their nests. Destroy as many infested structures as you can during the day and try to survive the next night.

Besides the mindless infested that shamble slowly to your base, you’ll encounter mutated infested that pose a greater threat. These special infested are bred to inflict maximum damage to your various defenses.

  • Flying terror that supports the infested horde.
  • Can disable structures, preventing them from attacking.
  • Does bonus damage to structures.
  • Provides vision of your bases high-ground for ranged attackers.
  • Disruptive, long-ranged attacker.
  • Stuns and drags its victims from their defensive positions.
  • Fast, agile killer.
  • Can jump over cliffs and dive right into your mineral line.
  • Their leap attack stuns and damages units in small area around them.
  • Has a very fast attack speed.
  • Bulbous, slow moving monster.
  • Devastates groups of units with its area of affect attack.
  • When killed, deals damage with a burst of deadly acid.

  • A hulking creature that can withstand a ton of damage.
  • Can withstand daylight.
  • Deals heavy damage to buildings and can cleave its enemies.
Nydus Worm
  • Constantly spawns infested unless destroyed.
  • Will burst from the ground anywhere on the map, even in your base!

Night of the Dead arises with the release of Patch 3.11. Can you survive the night? What commanders do you think will do the best? Let us know in the comments. Good luck, commanders.

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