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New Ladder Maps for 2017 Season 1

New Ladder Maps for 2017 Season 1

Discover beautiful coral reefs, advanced space stations, or wholly unique battlegrounds featuring circular expansion patterns in 2017 Season 1! We're bringing a number of new maps to StarCraft II next season, so we've put together this blog to share details about next year's first set of upcoming maps. While this blog initially only includes next season's 1v1 maps, we'll soon be adding details about our new team maps as well so don't worry!

We're looking forward to sharing all the new maps as soon as possible, but for now, let's take a look at what's coming for 1v1. These 1v1 maps will be added to the Custom Games section in the upcoming Patch 3.9. As always, the main goal here was to have strong variety in map types so that ladder play can be more diverse and fun.


Abyssal Reef LE is unique in that there are many narrower paths to reach different parts of the map. This hasn't been a common trait on the StarCraft II ladder, and we're excited to see how this type of map plays out.

Paladino Terminal was chosen because it was one of the most solid maps from the last map contest, and it felt like something that should truly see play both on the ladder, and in WCS competitions. We believe this map will play out in a straight-forward manner, and we definitely wanted a map of this type represented on the ladder.

Proxima Station LE is a map characterized by its multiple strategic objectives. It features an interesting backdoor attack-path initially blocked by destructible debris, as well as a strategically located high-yield expansion near the third base. These two factors should work well with the map's solid overall design to produce entertaining games for ladder and professional players alike.

For the last new map slot, we were looking for a 4-player map that plays differently than what players have previously been exposed to,  but isn’t so different as to come off as too crazy or uncomfortable. Honorgrounds seemed to strike an excellent middle-ground on this, in that the map certainly feels different than other 4-player maps we've had, but in many of the right ways. We hope you enjoy it!

Shadowed Jungle features long attack paths and teammates that spawn separate from each other. Plan for a mobility based strategy into an economy focused late game.

One player starts separated from the rest of the team so more aggressive play will be rewarded. The center of the map is one of the main attack paths, so gaining control of that location will be beneficial. Attack together or split forces when planning your team's strategy.

This map starts with two main attack paths in the north and south. Clear the rocks near the middle to open a third path and gain access to your enemy's expansion locations. The key point of this map will be strategizing around the early game rushes, while making sure to scout the rocks in the middle. It will be important to keep a close watch on all paths at all times.

Refinery XJ-17 is a map where two of the players on each team start next to one another. Early expansions can be easily secured while later expansions could be more difficult. This map offers several different attack paths to engage your enemy so coordinate with your allies to plan your method of assault.

Tropic Shores offers a main attack path through the center that will be often used during the earlier stage of the game. Utilize the path through the center, or clear rocks to engage the enemy from the side.

We hope you enjoy the maps for the upcoming season, and please feel free to share your feedback with us. We'll see you on the ladder!

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