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Mutation Creation: Vote for the Winner

Mutation Creation: Vote for the Winner

The Mutation Creation contest inspired many creative members of the StarCraft community to submit their scenario ideas for an all new Weekly Mutation. The winning game idea would even be implemented into StarCraft II!

We received many great entries, but we’ve narrowed them down to the final five. Read over each scenario carefully and decide which one you like best. Sign in with your account and you can vote for your favorite using our poll (at the end of this post). The voting period will last one week, so make sure to get your vote in by September 28.

Here are our five favorite Mutations, listed alphabetically:

Mutation for: Rifts to Korhal

Amon's plans have continued to turn towards the sadistic. He has unleashed a contagion upon Augustgrad that is capable of infecting all living beings, and even some machines. Most of the civilians that failed to make it to quarantine are now under Amon's control. Quickly commanders, purge the infection and destroy those shards before your own troops fall victim.

  • Parasite – All units spawn broodlings when killed (does not apply to suicide attacks).
  • Outbreak – Continuous waves of infested march on the player’s base.
  • Infection Complete – Amon has seeded the battlefield with spores. If your units wander too close, the infection will become manifest. Destroy it before it assumes control of your units (works like a global slayn elemental ball).

Full description:

Mutation for: Oblivion Express

Amon has been making a new shipment . . . only this time it’s some very unstable ordinance that needs to be stopped. There's no way to safely destroy it, and Amon is putting out some extra defenses on this to make sure it reaches its destination. Can you handle the newly protected trains and deal with the aftermath of their destruction?

  • Orbital Strike – Enemy Orbital Strikes are periodically fired throughout the map.
  • Shield Generator – Trains are protected by generators that spawn randomly across the map. Trains cannot be damaged until the generators are destroyed.
  • Heavy Ordinance – Trains and generators are highly volatile and detonate into a nuclear explosion when destroyed.

Full description:

Mutation for: Rifts to Korhal

Amon has opened another one of those Void Rifts he seems so fond of creating, and through it pour the agents of his latest scheme; by coalescing concentrated void energies, the Dark God has unleashed vile replications of the Koprulu Sector's greatest heroes upon Korhal. Just as our heroes inspire us, these persistent clones inspire the forces of Amon. Do not back down in the face of their presence, and focus on saving the city.

  • Heroes from the Storm – Every attack wave will be led by a random hero of increasing power. Each objective point is also guarded by three random heroes.
  • Inspiration – Enemy heroic units increase the attack speed and armor of all enemies within a small range.
  • Hardened Will – Enemy heroic units reduce all incoming damage to a maximum of 10 when any non-heroic enemy unit is near them.

Full description:

Mutation for: Temple of the Past

  • Pacifism – Periodically all player units and structures will lose the ability to attack. They can still move and use abilities, but regular attacks will be disabled for 5-10 seconds.
  • Ghost Movement – All enemies have no collision size, and are able to walk through units and structures.
  • Evasive Maneuvers – All enemies gain the blink ability.

Full description:

Mutation for: Void Launch

Amon has called upon the powers of the Undead, Vampires, and Ghosts to further his ambitions. He seeks to send his new minions to wreak havoc upon the world. Stop the shuttles from escaping before these abominations are allowed to spread.

  • Outbreak – Continuous waves of the infested horde march against the commanders' bases.
  • Vampirism – Enemy units absorb HP equal to 10% of their damage dealt to player units.
  • Apparition – Enemy units cast Hallucinations of themselves upon taking any damage. The hallucinations become real if allowed to live for more than 10 seconds.

Full description:

So what’s it going to be? Which Mutation Creation sounds the most fun to play? Let us know before September 28.

*To maintain the integrity of the voting process, we will not show the results until we announce the winner.

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