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Legacy of the Void Beta Balance Update -- June 17, 2015

Legacy of the Void Beta Balance Update -- June 17, 2015

Here are our latest balance updates we want to test for Legacy of the Void.


  • Worker counter change displays 2 per mineral patch instead of 3 per patch.


  • Ghost
    • New Ability: Anti-Armor Drone
      • Deploy a flying, destructible drone.
      • Channels a beam on a single target that reduces its armor by 3.
    • Ghost speed increased to 2.813
  • Medivac
    • New upgrade: reduces unit unload delay from 1 sec to 0.5 sec
    • Energy upgrade removed
  • Liberator
    • AG search radius indicator now is a dotted circle similar to Siege Tank in Siege Mode, but the ability’s start up still displays the animation.
  • Armory ship upgrade costs reduced to match vehicle upgrade costs


  • Overlord
    • Transport upgrade is now an upgrade available on Overlords individual.
    • Global transport upgrade removed.
  • Ravager
    • No longer has the armored flag
  • Viper
    • Parasitic Bomb ability cost increased from 100 to 125
  • Spore Crawler damage decreased from 15 +30 bio to 15 +15 bio


  • Disruptor
    • Damage increased from 145 to 145 +55shields

For a more in-depth look at these changes, check out our balance preview blog. As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback after you’ve put these changes to the test.

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