StarCraft II

You're Going in with the Big Guns

You're Going in with the Big Guns

Lock and load spacefarers, let’s talk about the big guns!

The Raiders are here, and we’re back to give you the scoop on the biggest and baddest battlefield implements in the Terran arsenal.

Let’s begin with the Hellbat. It may not look like much when it’s just a Hellion, zipping around the battlefield spitting tiny streams of infernal plasma fuel. When it stands up however, this little car transforms into Hell on legs. With a cone-blasting flamethrower that obliterates any piece of flesh sorry enough to stand before it, the Hellbat is one of the most fearsome ground troops an enemy might ever stand toe-to-toe with.

The Ghost on the other hand, will often leave an enemy never knowing what hit ‘em. Able to cloak into the shadows in ways even I don’t understand, the Ghost packs a powerful arsenal of offensive capabilities including Snipe, EMP, and even a fearsome nuclear missile deployment.

However, all of these ground implements fall short to the might of the Thor. A massive mechanical human-shaped robot that protects its pilot while it wreaks destruction in its path, the Thor is a master of devastation whether on the sky, or on the ground. With the survivability of a pile of rocks, you can always count on a Thor to take to the front lines and make a big ol’ mess out there.

None of these guys however, no matter how tough, big, or badass they are, stand up to the Battlecruiser. Although it may take some time to get into action, once operational, the Battlecruiser is simply unmatched by any opposing unit – whether it be Protoss, Terran, or Zerg. Between its high-intensity barrage of lasers and its cataclysmic Yamato Cannon, the Battlecruiser is equipped enough to destroy any unfortunate target it might set its sights upon.

And with that ladies and gentlemen, we’ve given you a comprehensive rundown of all the Terran forces. If you haven’t committed to joining us already, you can learn more about the forces and foes that we do battle against courtesy of Radio Liberty.

We’ll see you next time!

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