StarCraft II

Legacy of the Void: Archon Mode

Legacy of the Void: Archon Mode

StarCraft II is known worldwide for its multiplayer experience. The game’s fast-paced and exciting gameplay can be found in homes, theatres, and even stadiums as the world’s best players perform unbelievable tactical feats in the heat of battle. StarCraft II is a challenging game, and we wanted to make that challenge both more exciting and more accessible with Archon Mode.

Archon mode allows players to enjoy the popular and highly refined 1-vs-1 multiplayer experience in a team setting. Both players share control over a single base, and battle against a single foe. As the game develops they must work together to defeat their opponents. Controlling armies, managing resources, building a base, scouting, and more have all become shared responsibilities that can be managed by either commander. The question is… how well will you divvy it all up?

A New Social Experience
In the past, to play alongside friends in StarCraft II you had to depart from the highly popular 1-vs-1 setting and move to alternate game modes – be it team-matchmaking, custom games, or the arcade. Now however, you can play what you want, how you want! So if you’d like to stay in a 1-vs-1 setting when your friend joins you, you can do exactly that. Just let them share control over the base with you using Archon Mode!

Benefits of Team Play
Archon Mode vastly expands what players are capable of doing in StarCraft II. By doubling the number of commanders on each team, things that previously would not have been possible suddenly become expected. Have you ever split your army’s marines while performing two drops? Well, now and your ally can with ease! Things you used to dream of being able to do are now as easy as can be.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Archon Mode however, is that it adds an entirely new dimension of skill to the standard 1-vs-1 experience. Two players in-tandem may be capable of vastly more at their peak, but they must learn to work effectively together to truly begin experiencing how different of a game Archon Mode can be.

Learn More Easily
Currently, teaching your friends to play 1v1 often requires putting together a custom game and finding a practice partner. With Archon Mode however, you can very easily hop into a PvP game with a friend and show them the ropes. You can observe and critique your friend, or have them follow your lead to eventually branch-off on their own as they get comfortable. All of these options are strengthened by the ease and efficiency of our matchmaking system.

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